Light apple pie, protein pie without butter

Light apple pie, protein pie without butter

This light apple pie, halfway between a clafoutis and a real pie, is really light and easy to make, it is a cake without butter or yeast, and is also perfect for those who follow the Zone diet, because it respects the percentage of macronutrients 40-30-30.
It also allows you to use apples a lot, and is practically sugar-free except for fruit.
It has only 140 calories per slice, 14.4 grams of fat, 43.2 of carbohydrates, 31.5 of protein.
Here is the recipe.


500 gr of apples and 100 gr of fresh blueberries (or alternatively: 600 gr of apples)
30 gr of corn starch
3 medium-large organic eggs
2 scoops of vanilla-flavored whey protein ( I used these from Foodspring )
sweetener of your choice (I used half a teaspoon of stevia: consider that the proteins are sweetened)
a tablespoon of coconut oil (olive oil is fine too)
a pinch of salt
15 gr of flax seeds

200 ml of warm water
Procedure:wash the apples, peel them and cut them into very small pieces. Put them in a bowl with lemon juice, and add the blueberries too. In a bowl, add the proteins, stevia, cinnamon and flax seeds to the starch, then add the eggs, egg and water with a whisk. Pour the fruit into the starch, protein and egg mixture, then transfer the mixture to a pan (I used a 24 cm pan) and cook for 45 minutes at 175 °.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and Sukrin branded erythritic icing sugar if desired.
Substitutions: if you don’t want to use proteins, two packs of skimmed milk flakes or Greek yogurt 0% fat 150/170 gr are good. In this case, add the vanilla aroma, halve the water and adjust the stevia, adding more.

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