We went to Lenovation, the Lenovo event designed to show all the products that will cross Italian soil in the coming months. Are you ready to

Today Lenovo invited us to view and touch all the new products that will arrive on the Italian market over the next few months, offering us a roundup of its most recent and innovative products, designed to bring intelligent technology to everyone, according to the new concept of “Smarter Technology for All”.

In fact, Lenovo offers the Italian market a new group of smart devices that enrich the company’s product portfolio. These are products designed to transform and improve the way people work, live and have fun. Thanks to the power of its “smart technology”, through artificial intelligence and the IoT, Lenovo’s latest innovations unleash human potential, allowing users to break down barriers and increase their connections.

Speaking of this new product line, Emanuele Baldi , Lenovo’s CEO for Italy, commented:

For Lenovo, Smarter Technology for All means giving maximum value to people through our products and helping them to improve their lives, both private and professional, without forgetting entertainment and leisure. We have further consolidated our position as the world leader in PC manufacturing and today one in four PCs sold is Lenovo; is a great satisfaction and at the same time a great responsibility, which pushes us to innovate in all fields of technology, from Virtual and Augmented Reality, with important applications also in the scientific, professional and industrial fields, to Artificial Intelligence, with important applications in Smart Home and Smart Working, up to the IoT, with important innovations in logistics and company organization.

So let’s go and discover together all the new products that the famous company intends to bring to the Italian market in the coming months:

Products dedicated to work

Let’s start talking about the ThinkBook 13s right away . ThinkBook is the new brand of products dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses that makes its debut with ultra-thin laptops that combine the portability and ease of use of modern consumer devices with the computing power of a PC . In a constantly connected world, today’s professionals need a lightweight laptop that can be used to collaborate from almost any remote location. In particular, the generations of Millennials and Gen Z are the most adept at managing mobile technology to increase productivity. Based on customer research, ThinkBook has been specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesseswho normally buy consumer laptops by virtue of the perceived advantages of price and design, but are forced to forgo professional services and extended warranties. ThinkBook enables growing companies to maintain a competitive edge and attract young professionals accustomed to using the latest technologies.

The ultra-thin 13-inch ThinkBook S-Series is designed for business users who can’t do without essential services such as security, reliability and support services, but at the same time want to have stylish devices that deliver the experience in a PC. using a smartphone . Perfect for any type of business, the new Lenovo ThinBook 13s brings together modern style and design elements typical of consumer devices, such as aluminum chassis, with the security features that a professional user expects from the Think PC family.

Products for everyday life

Let’s continue by viewing the new products of the Yoga series now. Artificial intelligence, combined with advanced audio and video technologies, makes Lenovo Yoga next-generation computers the smartest ever on the market. The ultra-thin Yoga S940 laptop with Windows 10 offers security and privacy without compromising productivity and ease of use thanks to a full suite of AI-enabled Lenovo Smart-Assist features. Thanks to AI, it is in fact possible to automatically cancel the background noise and blur the images in the background during video calls. As soon as the user stops looking at the laptop screen, the Yoga S940’s AI sensors are able to detect its absence and lock the display in order to protect the data from prying eyes, even by detecting and reporting a prying look behind. of the user. The Yoga S940 can also improve user productivity by moving the contents of windows that are open but not in use to an external monitor connected to the computer. The new Yoga S940 is also the first laptop in the world to feature curved Contour Glass that wraps around the display frame, reducing its thickness even more.Lenovo

Then there is the new range of IdeaPad consumer PCs with Windows 10, which offers students, young professionals and families a greater choice of shapes and colors and different solutions for everyday browsing and writing activities, without a large budget commitment . The new IdeaPad S540 ultra-slim notebook combines high performance, great portability and long battery life allowing users to work anywhere on the go.

Packed with great power with the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA GeForce MX250 GPU or the option of an AMD Ryzen 7 3700U mobile processor with Radeon RX Vega 10 graphics, the IdeaPad S540 has more computing power than enough for watching movies and TV series, editing texts and shopping online. It also offers up to 12 hours of battery life4 with RapidCharge technology, which allows up to 2 hours of use with approximately 15 minutes of charging. Available in three different color options, including Abyss Blue, Copper and Mineral Gray, the IdeaPad S540’s sleek profile has thinner bezels than previous models, which surround an optional bright Full HD IPS display. Coupled with Dolby Audio speaker system,IdeaPad S540 delivers loud and clear sound through Dolby’s specifically designed speakers for this device.

Slim and versatile for those on the go, the new IdeaPad C340 2-in-1 convertible laptop is a close relative of the IdeaPad S540 . It offers up to 8 hours of battery life with RapidCharge5 technology, Active Pen support on select models for conveniently taking notes or writing from anywhere, and an optional integrated fingerprint reader for quick and easy access to your PC. Also available in 14-inch and 15-inch sizes with three stunning color options, the IdeaPad C340 can easily switch between laptop and tablet mode for typing emails and managing longer spreadsheets, or for watching videos on the go.

Products designed for Gamers

We conclude now by talking about the Legion series , the Lenovo brand completely dedicated to gamers. The latest Lenovo Legion gaming PC series is more powerful than ever, with a range of high-performance laptops and a whole family of completely redesigned gaming accessories and monitors. Among them stand out the powerful new Lenovo Legion Y740 laptops. These are products designed to deliver the speed and performance gamers need to compete at the highest level , at home or on the go. At Lenovo we know that gamers come from different backgrounds, whether they are students or working, which is why the new portfolioLenovo Legion presents a design suitable for both the living room of the home and the meeting room of a company . This range of gaming machines is designed to handle large loads of computing power, while maintaining a clean and elegant aesthetic, suitable for any environment.Lenovo

With blue backlighting and a sleek design, the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming is an ideal mainstream laptop for those who multitask and play occasionally. Equipped with “Quick” mode to play and “Quiet” mode to work, it can instantly switch between modes. Available with 15 or 17-inch displays, Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming has next-generation features including Intel Core i7 up to 9th Gen mobile processors, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, and Dolby Audio sound built into the laptop to take mobile gaming to another. dimension. By adding the Intel Optane memory option to the IdeaPad L340 Gaming, you can achieve fast game speeds, thanks to fast startup times and the computing power needed to beat any opponent.

Paired with PCs , the Lenovo Legion Y44w monitor is a 43.4-inch ultra-wide curved display, 3840 x 1200 resolution, and a peak brightness of 450 nits, designed for gamers who want to have a panoramic field of view on the game. Whether it’s car racing or flight simulators, this monitor is designed to capture every frame of the action with a lightning-fast 144Hz refresh rate. Also featuring VESA-certified DisplayHDR ™ 400 paired with AMD Radeon FreeSync 2 technology, the monitor has a visual rendering without interruptions or jumps.

What do you think of all these new products that Lenovo has in store for us?

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