Knee arthritis, a help from the diet

Knee arthritis, a help from the diet

Two new studies shed a light of hope for all those people who suffer from arthritis , and who suffer from knee arthritis in particular: in fact, one of these studies highlighted how a diet rich in fiber can reduce the pain of arthritis at the knee up to 60 percent . Therefore, knee arthritis sufferers should eat more fruits and vegetables as well as whole foods. However, the fibers would only reduce pain, hence a symptom, but would not help cure the pathological condition. However, in predisposed people, they could prevent it.

Another study focused on the effectiveness of chondroitin sulfate as a supplement for osteoarthritis and in particular for knee arthritis, finding that this compound, which occurs naturally in cartilage, in a six-month treatment reduced not only the pain but also improved the clinical condition of the patients. The long-term effects of chondroitin are not known, however, so anyone interested in this supplement should talk to their doctor ( source ).

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