Kamasutra: the Indian text on sexuality

Kamasutra: the Indian text on sexuality

In the Kamasutra we can find not only a compendium of pleasure positions but a real manual on how to attract the partner, make him happy and be happy together.


Kamasutra and pleasure in life

In the refined Indian culture there is not only space for religion and philosophy but also for art, for every type of art, including the amatory one .

Around 350 AD a series of texts known as Kama Shastra was born , of which today only a small part known as Kamasutra , or “lessons on Eros”, remains.

Let’s take a step back and analyze the four great purposes of life according to the ancient Hindu tradition , through which every human being must pass in order to live a satisfying life from every point of view.

The first and most important is to follow one’s dharma, or the law that regulates one’s life in harmony with that that regulates the cosmos ( ritam ).

It is therefore a question of fulfilling one’s duty towards the family, towards society and towards the world.

There follows artha , which means prosperity , or the production of at least the same amount of resources in the world as they consume, in order to leave it in a condition of equilibrium or abundance.

The ultimate goal of life is  moksha or spiritual liberation but the third, the one that precedes it, is kama , pleasure and enjoyment which do not violate dharma and which do not compromise.artha and moksha .

The contents of the Kamasutra

Thus we discover that in the East, enjoyment, even sexual enjoyment, has no negative meanings , and indeed is a matter of study.

Thus was born the Kamasutra, a text in which the authors have not limited themselves to enumerating a list of mating positions as if it were a mere manual but which deals with the whole preparatory phase , the courtship , the health benefits of a sex life lived correctly, the body types , the open and steady couple , being a wife or a courtesan .

Of course with the passing of the centuries and with the changing of customs, it is no mystery that the part of the Kamasutra that most interests the man and woman of today is the one that deals with sexual positions and the various forms of sex , vaginal, anal and oral. .

The Kamasutra today

That said, only a few explore the possible connection of the Kamasutra positions with those of classic hatha yoga , or tantra or those of the more modern acro yoga . At the same time, very few people decide to tackle the original text, compiled in an old and hardly accessible language. Much easier , especially because we are talking about physical positions, is  to rely on an illustrated text or a themed website complete with photographs , perhaps with the position of the month or that of the week. In the long list of positions there is no shortage of the most extravagan

and no fantasy is taboo.

Various forms of oral sex , simultaneous or not, are present, from those in which only the lips are involved to those in which the bottom of the throat is sought.

When, on the other hand, it is he who offers oral sex, once again the various types of pleasure that the woman feels connected to the different parts of the genitals are analyzed.

Two-person positions, as well as three-person positions, are covered in specific detail, including pace, strength and measures to be employed.

The whole has a clear purpose: the individual or couple with a healthy and satisfying sex life , without inhibitions or frustrations, has a better individual and social life.. Seeing is believing.

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