Itching in pregnancy: causes and remedies

Itching in pregnancy: causes and remedies

Itching in pregnancy is quite common: when it comes to a simple skin adaptation to changes in the body, it can be alleviated with simple natural remedies.


During pregnancy , the body changes its shape, the hormonal charge is of very different intensity and composition and the pH of the skin undergoes alterations.

These large and small changes can lead to some disturbances, some of which last over time, others last for a few days, and still others occur intermittently. Itching in pregnancy is one of these possibilities.

Manifestations of itching in pregnancy

Causes of itching in pregnancy

Remedies for itching in pregnancy

Manifestations of itching in pregnancy 

Generally the areas affected by itching are those that undergo changes: the belly, thighs, breasts . It is an itch that occurs around the fifth or sixth month and can last until the time of delivery. This is not a constant condition , it occurs from time to time and the climax can lead to scratching in a very intense way.

Even intimate itching can easily manifest itself due to sensitization of the part due to the change in pH , with a weakening of the defenses of the vaginal flora.

Causes of itching in pregnancy

The triggering causes of itching in pregnancy are of various kinds. The tissues that adapt to the increase in size are often not sufficiently hydrated , their progressive extension due to the change in volume can lead to itching.

Dry skin is often due to hormonal changes , estrogen levels lead to a depletion of elasticity and water retention phenomena. 

The growth of the fetus can cause some disturbances of a temporary nature to the hepato-biliary system , sometimes of a minimal entity, others with involvements that require a pharmacological intervention, such as cholestasis gravidarum , which sees an increase in transaminases , an excess of bile and the possible appearance of jaundice. In this case the itching is very intense and sometimes evolves into a form of urticaria .

Nutrition also plays an important role in the onset of itching in pregnancy. In fact, some foods can be difficult to tolerate in this new condition and burden the liver functions with consequent skin rash.

Remedies for itching in pregnancy

The first recommendation is to consume a correct amount of water daily to hydrate the body properly. Sometimes it can be difficult to drink a lot due to nausea , but frequent sipping throughout the day can be helpful.

Foods rich in tocopherol , vitamin E help to enrich the tissues and make them elastic. So yes to almonds , pistachios , hazelnuts , cod, trout, anchovies, green olives, spinach, carrots , potatoes , sunflower oil .

The skin can greatly benefit from itching with the application of wheat germ oil , highly moisturizing and nourishing , able to soothe itching and hives, with a re-epithelizing effect in case of flaking. Sweet almond and St. John’s wort
oil  are soothing ointments, which calm itching, redness, useful in case of dry skin and the formation of stretch marks.

In case of unbearable itching, the application of rice starch is useful , refreshing, decongestant that calms skin rashes and gives relief.

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