Is your diet not working? Find out why

Is your diet not working? Find out why

Are you on a diet, you want to lose weight but it seems to you that the diet does not work? Many people write to me asking this question: I’m on a diet, but do you think I’ll lose weight? Or: I’m on a diet, but I don’t lose weight, why?
Now I’ll explain why your diet doesn’t work.

Old and battered calories
For a diet to work, you need to have a calorie deficit between how much we eat and how much we consume . This thing can happen in two ways: either with a low-calorie diet or with a less restrictive diet but lots of more movement. Calories matter when you want to lose weight : of course, they are not the only parameter to consider, but they are the first thing to keep under control and according to science, creating an energy deficit is the most important thing if you want to lose weight.
Let’s say you are on a low calorie diet but this diet doesn’t work even though you are doing everything right:you dose food with the scale, use a calorie counter app, do not cheat on anything.

At this point there are two explanations : either you are not establishing the right calorie deficit for you , because maybe you have a meal or a day of freedom in which you really consume a lot of calories, thus invalidating the efforts of the week or because maybe the deficit is minimal compared to your nutritional needs (if you are on a 1200 calorie diet but your total metabolism is 1500/1600 calories, because maybe you are low, you are very sedentary, you are over 50, etc., in a week you will have cut about 2 thousand calories and you will lose a pound in about 4 weeks).
Or you have a low metabolism, because maybe you have been in a calorie deficit for months or even years: in this case a reverse diet andthe right sport can help you raise your metabolism, and only then can you get back on a diet.

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