Irritable colon, a model fights it with her diet

Irritable colon, a model fights it with her diet

Alyce Crawford, famous model, has suffered for years from irritable colon : overweight and a decidedly disproportionate belly for swelling compared to her body also caused problems for her work.

On instagram, where she is very popular, Alyce explains how she got out of the irritable bowel tunnel: she chose to follow a low-food diet fodmaps.


It is a diet that must be followed strictly for at least 6 weeks, and which simply limits the foods that cause intestinal fermentation.

This causes the inflammatory state that triggered the irritation of the colon to reduce, with the disappearance of symptoms, swelling and overweight. Subsequently, it is possible to reintroduce the eliminated foods in very small portions, and not all at a time. Among the foods that cause excessive intestinal fermentation we find most legumes, wheat, some types of fruit and vegetables, many dairy products.

Is it worth cutting down on these foods to fight irritable bowel?
This model explains yes, but let’s see some data.

According to the most recent study , in the first phase of the diet (that of 6 weeks) there is a net improvement of 50 to 86% of cases .

However, in the maintenance phase, in which some foods are reintroduced little by little and in modest quantities, many people return to the old diet, so the benefits disappear.
Among the major contraindications of this diet, episodes of nervous hunger, reduction of good intestinal bacteria, and the fact that many people who follow this diet still have to undergo periodic diagnostic checks and take drugs in acute episodes.

In short, diet alone is not enough, but if it is not too stressful, it can actually improve the symptoms of people suffering from irritable bowel. To know more.

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