Increase metabolism with natural diet

Increase metabolism with natural diet

Today I am talking about a new book, written by an Italian doctor, Debora Rasio , specialist in oncology, nutritionist and researcher: it is called ” La Dieta Non Dieta” (Mondadori), and it is a book that emphasizes how to have an ideal weight there is a need for optimal health, and that we can obtain this health with better nutrition, a natural diet, without giving in to the temptation of drastic and last-minute diets to lose weight.
In fact, as I have already pointed out in this blog, people think that at the basis of weight loss there is willpower, not the quality of the diet : therefore macronutrients are cut indiscriminately (think of diets without carbohydrates)and calories to lose weight quickly , and then hopefully resisting hunger pangs won’t regain the weight you lost.

But the truth is that, if in the short term, this method works, in the long term the control force is not enough, and the body turns out to be smarter than our strategies, ending up holding on to its own body fat , because what we are managed to create is not a strategy for fat loss, but a crisis situation. In fact, our body does not know that we have a full fridge and that we are voluntarily putting ourselves on a diet, it reacts biologically to the stress of deprivation, as it would react to any famine. And therefore: resists weight loss, increases alert levels.

And so after the diet we take back the lost weight with the interests. 
Doctor Rasio defines it as an “unequal fight with fat”: 95 percent of those who go on a diet regain the weight they lost within two years. This is because, despite having motivation and willpower, we go against our biology. Not only that: in her book, the doctor emphasizes how obsession with food goes hand in hand with restrictions and the demonization of food.
But how to have a healthy body weight and a healthy metabolism?

Dr. Rasio explains how the enemies of our metabolism are industrially processed foods, those that in English are defined as “processed foods” (processed foods, or that have undergone manufacturing processes) and that the key to staying healthy is a return to the origins, a natural, simple diet: there are foods that nourish us and foods that starve us, and focusing on the foods that nourish us does not mean gaining weight, it means giving the body what it really needs for optimal health. In short: this book by Dr. Rasio happens in the best possible moment, and, without anticipating everything, I recommend reading it without delay!

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