Importance of “mental wellbeing” over “physical wellbeing”

Importance of “mental wellbeing” over “physical wellbeing”

Mental well – being is closely related to the state of physical well -being , there are numerous studies and tests that have proven how essential it is to find the perfect inner balance between mind and body in order to fully enjoy the joys of life. 

When we feel depressed , we tend to sleep less, feel lacking in energy and gain weight, conversely, if for some reason we gain weight, our self-esteem drops, we feel less attractive and less confident.

Impairment of mental well-being often stems from a sense of dissatisfaction with oneself that feeds levels of negativity and decreases the desire to change, which is why it is important to work on yourself to accept yourself, have greater confidence and self-esteem and better deal with any change.

It is possible to do this through a therapeutic path by contacting specialist psychologists such as those present on , combined with the desire to really want to deal with the problem and solve it, to improve quality of one’s life.

Self-esteem plays a key role in achieving mental well-being and physical well-being, not everyone is aware of it, some need to train their self-esteem by increasing confidence in their own possibilities. 

What to do to feel good about yourself?

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If it is clear that mental well-being affects physical well-being, it is important to start working on what is wrong, improving some aspects of oneself and of the way of dealing with everyday life. Here are some helpful tips.

Seeking and cultivating new stimuli

Psychological well -being is connected to one’s potential and resources, everyone has a talent that they must cultivate. Living in a stimulating environment makes things easier, but stimuli can also be sought outside of one’s family and this leads to a sense of freedom and individuality. 

Reward yourself

Not only criticism, it is important to know how to gratify and know how to see the merits, we must not dwell only on a list of negative judgments and adjectives. 

It can be useful to draw up a list of all the winning sides and your resources that have been useful in facing the most difficult moments in life.

Imagine and observe

Our brain thinks in images , daydreaming, fantasizing, helps to open up to new possibilities and to get closer to change. 

It is very useful to create images of what you want and return to them during the day with the thought, this makes them seem much more real and concrete.

Furthermore, you have to stop and observe your life and the things that are wrong, take note of the feelings you feel in the period of change and decide what to do to leave old thoughts behind, overcome fears and get closer to the new.

Appreciate the little things

Every day you have to learn to appreciate the little things that make you smile, whether it’s a walk by the sea, a wall to paint, a dinner with friends. In addition, changes are made in small steps, even changing a habit like the usual bar or the usual street can help you get out of the vicious circle of routine and boredom.

Play sports and eat well

Doing physical activity produces beneficial effects on both physical and mental health, several studies have shown how sport prevents the appearance of anxiety, stress and depression.

In addition, food also affects mental health, and various studies have shown that eating junk food increases the risk of aggression and depression.

Building social relationships 

Establishing and maintaining good social relationships helps improve mental well-being, because it allows you to respond to the need for cohesion in moments when you feel too lonely and melancholy.  

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