If you need to cut calories, go for the Mediterranean diet

If you need to cut calories, go for the Mediterranean diet

A study has come out that contains good news and such-like news, or at least a consideration that in the end will not surprise us that much. The good news is that we have seen that if you need to reduce calories to lose weight, then go on a diet, it is always better to choose a Mediterranean diet for a very valid reason.
It is the diet that is easier to follow than all the others.


In short, it is easier to stay on a diet and continue to follow it if the chosen diet is the Mediterranean one. This was established by a Spanish study , the PREDIMED-Plus, which involved about 6500 people in three years. Both overweight and obese patients with metabolic syndrome were found to be more likely to lose weight on a calorie-reduced Mediterranean diet when followed by a nutritionist or dietician or medical staff. The patients were aged 55 to 75, so they were at an age where weight loss is more complicated.
But the variety of foods, the presence of carbohydrates and the right fats and seasonal fruits and vegetables made it easier for these patients to continue the diet. Especially if, in addition to reducing calories, the patients did some physical activity.

However, the study also underlines something else.
Anyone who had a low-calorie Mediterranean diet without being followed slavishly tended to abandon the diet anyway. Now I will clarify what it means in this case slavishly. To ensure that the patients followed the diet plan, the researchers joined them with medical staff (dieticians) who took care of: interviewing them, making one call a month, organizing group meetings.

On the other hand, patients who simply followed the diet with activity advice were not as diligent.

This means that reducing calories is not enough to lose weight and following a Mediterranean diet is not enough. You need to be highly motivated and continue to follow that lifestyle for at least a year.

And above all, it should be followed by a dietician, nutritionist or dietician who, month after month, encourages us to continue the diet in different ways. Calling us, chatting with us and asking us questions, meeting once a month to check that everything is going well.

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