Iced tea for weight loss and lowering blood sugar

Iced tea for weight loss and lowering blood sugar

A special iced tea to lose weight, keep weight under control and lower blood sugar, thanks to the combination of green tea, vegetables and spices, which give us a drink halfway between an iced tea and an infusion. Here is the recipe!

Iced tea to lose weight and lower blood sugar
Doses for one and a half liters of water
2 bags of green tea *
the juice of half a lemon **
2 limes cut into pieces or a bergamot cut into wedges **
a peeled cucumber in pieces ***
a piece of fresh ginger root (3-4 cm) *
Ceylon cinnamon a stick **

Properties of ingredients (legend)

** Useful for lowering blood sugar
* Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants
*** Draining

Heat half a liter of water and infuse the two bags of green tea. Separately, put all the ingredients in a jug, pour a liter of water, and then the green tea which has become cold.
Refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours before drinking.
It can be drunk from morning to early afternoon, but also at the end of lunch and with breakfast.
For those who love the sweet taste I do not recommend honey: stevia or erythritol are good.

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