Ice Cream Diet

Ice Cream Diet

Weight loss is lasting if it is done little by little, without completely upsetting the life of each of us.

It is certainly not easy to think of living a life as hectic as ours and also having the time to do a long-term diet.

This is no time to know how diets like the Atkins , South Beach, or Zone Diet work .

Sometimes you just don’t have time to think about which foods to eat for so long. Precisely for this reason I thought of a very interesting short-term diet: the ice cream diet .

I know, I know very well that it goes through your head: ice cream? diet? Impossible. Instead it exists and is not bad at all as a short-term diet .

This story of the ice cream diet makes sense, in fact, and quite interesting: you can eat ice cream every day and lose 4/5 kilograms in 3 days. The same program will also allow you to lose 8 kilos in 10 days. Warning: we are talking about a very low-calorie diet, so first of all you can’t think of doing it for a long time without having physical imbalances and even thinking about it continuously over ten days. But we see this later, let’s take it easy.


How did this diet become successful? There are many questions and many different answers. Some argue that it was designed by the Cleveland Hospital while some argue that those of the American Heart Association did it. I’ve also read about people claiming to have been on this quick diet to get into the Marine Corps. However, none of this really matters.

What you need to know is that a large number of obese, overweight people, even children, argue that this ice cream diet can actually lead to weight loss. Moreover, if we really want to think of this diet as a shock to our metabolism, let’s think positively: it is a diet that certainly leads to detoxification, lowering so much protein and calorie

The most successful ice cream diet is the one created by Holly McCord, an editor of nutrition articles for the magazine “Prevention”, and is based on the principle of the low-calorie diet with the inclusion, every day, of a cup of ice cream . In her 2002 book, McCord argues that during a diet, you can eat a moderate portion of ice cream every day as long as the diet consists of healthy, low-calorie meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

According to McCord, ice cream is high in calcium and can help maintain a healthy diet even low in nutrients

When to start the three day diet

diet-ice cream-works

Small vademecum: it is a diet that requires you to be strongly motivated. So unless you’re super determined because you want to dress up for a party in a few days or have a competition, a try, don’t even start it. Just think that if you ever start doing it and find it hard, it will last 3 days.

Hold back your desire

Another benefit of this quick diet is that this could be the basis for your long-term diet and you may even find, after 3 or 7 days on a strict diet, that you no longer have such a craving for carbohydrates and that your sense of satiety will come sooner than you are used to. So, hold back your desire when you have a little weakness due to hunger. It does not last long, is good for you and you will lose weight. So no to transgressions.

How to get started

Calories from the ice cream diet

This is definitely a healthy diet. You can check the nutritional information of foods by yourself and even count the calories of the foods I’m going to tell you by yourself, so it’s very easy to control and organize yourself. This is really just the beginning and this beginning will give you great satisfaction. We know well, moreover, that everyone loses weight very easily at the beginning so just follow the instructions to the letter and the result is guaranteed .

I have also tried this diet three times, and for sure this is the best way to lose a lot of pounds in a few days . The last time I did it, I didn’t actually respect the terms of the diet but I never did such risky things, I tried to change foods while staying in the diet scheme. For example I ate smoked salmon instead of tuna, I doubled the portions sometimes, when I was too hungry at the end of the day, and it is not that I had to bite like I did that peanut butter but anyway, sometimes my own cravings they must also be satisfied. Eventually though, I continued to lose a lot of weight over those 3 days. Of course, we are certainly talking about a fast diet in which a lot of water is lost but in short, it is always a start to deflate a little.

Now I am writing you the diet, so that you can understand how it works.

Day 1


1 grapefruit
2 tablespoons sugar without peanut butter

½ cup of tuna or ½ cup of feta or ricotta or ½ cup of sardines. No added oil.
2 slices of low calorie bread (each slice is about 45 calories)

150 grams of lean protein – spices can be used, but no oil

1 cup vegetables (green beans, spinach, and zucchini are all good) steamed, grilled, raw, or stir-fried
1 cup beets or carrots or celery
1 small apple or pear (eaten with the peel)
1 cup ice cream sugar-free vanilla
Day 2


1 cooked egg without oil
2 slices of low calorie bread (each slice is about 45 calories)
Half a medium sized banana

The lunch:

1 cup of tuna or 1 cup of feta or ricotta or 1 cup of sardines. No added oil
2 slices of low calorie bread (each slice is about 45 calories)


150 grams of lean protein, you can use spices, but no oil

2 cups steamed, grilled, raw, or stir-fried veggies (green beans, spinach, zucchini or fine)
1 cup beets or carrots or celery
½ banana
1 cup unsweetened vanilla ice cream

 Day 3


packet of crackers
1 slice of low-fat cheese (Swiss, Asiago, Romano or Gouda)
1 grapefruit

The lunch:

1 egg, cooked without oil

2 slices of low calorie bread (each slice is about 45 calories)


1 cup of tuna or 1 cup of feta or ricotta or 1 cup of sardines. No added oil.

1 cup beets or carrots or celery
1 cup cauliflower or green vegetables
1 apple
½ cup unsweetened vanilla ice cream


Don’t use ketchup and other condiments.
Don’t use too much or too little salt.

You can use as many spices as you like.
Using mint can reduce your appetite.
Do not drink light fizzy drinks.

You can drink sugar-free cocktails but make sure you drink a glass of water before you do so. Your body will metabolize water differently and make the assimilation of alcohol less burdensome. Remember that this diet is a breath of fresh air for your metabolism, it is a healthy detox, so if you can keep out of these 3 days all the things that can be bad, even if they are without many calories.
Very important, as I said before, is that you do not do this diet for more than ten days.If you decide to do it for ten days, you need to take 4 days off after the first three days and eat normally always with less than 2000 calories in those days, trying to avoid sugar and white flour. Then you can start the diet again for another three days and so on, always breaking it up.
Taking a supplement before going to bed every night and not every morning because it increases your appetite would not be a bad idea. The diet is very strict, it will tend to knock you out, helping yourself with vitamins is not bad and integrates some nutrients.

Other rules

Rules of the Ice Cream Diet
Rules of the Ice Cream Diet

You can drink as much tea as you like, but don’t overuse with coffee and don’t use any cream or milk to stain your coffee (coffee can affect blood sugar negatively, resulting in fatigue). Drinking green tea at will, on the other hand, helps your weight loss.
Make sure you drink at least 10 glasses of water. The warmer the water the more it will help you keep the detox goal high. In fact, it is very important to stay hydrated and that this hydration is preserved enough even with the intake of salt, always moderately so as not to tend to swelling due to retained fluids.

Get a good night’s sleep on those days , and get light exercise like going for a long walk or biking or swimming. Do not do cardio or aerobic exercises, do not stress yourself and your body but do not stand in front of the TV or lying on the bed doing nothing. Movement yes but with a certain lightness

If you drink enough water and get enough sleep but have a feeling like dizziness, headache, cold sweat, palpitations, or a feeling of sickness, just stop and eat. It’s not such a drastic diet that you have to feel this way, but everyone’s metabolism is different and no short-term goal is worth making you sick.

If you are not feeling very fit and want to take this diet as a start to a healthy long-term diet then just increase the portions (not the content), and add a couple of 100-calorie snacks throughout the day: 100 grams of low-fat cheese or 30 grams of almonds are great healthy and not-so-calorie snacks. It will not make you lose a lot of weight by increasing the portions a little but it will still be a way to stay on track and finish the three days that are important for starting a different metabolism.

Remember, be careful. Our bodies adapt easily to drastic changes, and over the millennia there have been clear encodings in our metabolism that allow our body to withstand long periods of starvation. When the body feels threatened, without nutrients, it switches to starvation mode, in fact, but this is very bad for your health, as well as losing weight quickly. So do not stay attached to this diet for more than three days and if you want to continue it know that you have to interrupt it, as I wrote to you before, because the calorie intake is too low to ensure that our body does not suffer from it in the long run.

To be honest, I think I will try it again also because it is a diet that gives great results immediately, without exaggerating, as always. Be wise with your body, moderation is the way to happiness.

Was I convincing with this ice cream diet?

Would you like to try it?

Give me your impressions in the comments!

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