I can’t lose weight: 15 mistakes you make and how to avoid them

I can’t lose weight: 15 mistakes you make and how to avoid them

You may be saying I can’t lose weight without knowing the answer to knowing how .

And actually it is not easy to answer, or maybe yes.

For this reason, Vailo has created the free guide on how to lose weight especially for its readers .

How do you have to go to get it? you can click here .

That said, chances are you are making some mistakes and you still don’t know it.

The following list is certainly a starting point for those who don’t know what to do to lose weight properly and permanently.

Losing weight can be very difficult.

And it can become even more difficult when we make a mistake with very stupid things, everyday things, which make us waste time and passion in the weight loss diet that we are starting.

Let’s see what are the 15 most common mistakes we make when trying to lose weight and how I can do to avoid it.

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1. Be obsessed with the scale

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It is a common mistake to hang on to the scale every day to try to figure out if you are losing weight quickly.

But all this is a gross error because the retention of liquids, what we eat and the hormonal changes lead to change the weight from one day to another even by one kg and 800 !!

Even if we are doing a lot of exercise it may be that the weight does not change because we lose fat but we gain muscle, attention.

Therefore, the scale must be used in the right way . It is possible to weigh yourself every day, but it is necessary to keep in mind what has been said so far. What you need to do is evaluate the difference every 7 days, not every 24 hours.

2. Eating too many or too few calories

It was once thought that a weekly decrease of 3,500 calories in the usual calorie intake caused the body to lose weight. Then it was understood, over the years and with research, that in each person the metabolism varies and the way of burning calories changes, so you always need a personalized calculation for a diet.

Furthermore, we tend to do two things: eat a lot without realizing it or eat too little.

There are very caloric foods, such as cheeses, which are present on our tables every day.

But we don’t have to do the opposite either: Eating less than 1000 calories a day significantly slows down our metabolism.

So pay attention to balance to not only lose muscle mass but really burn fat.

3. Exercising too much or not doing it at all

In medio stat virtus also for what concerns physical exercise.

Exercise is great, it helps speed up your metabolism and burn fat and calories.

Doing too little or nothing slows down your metabolism.

Doing too much accelerates it so much that the muscles begin to suffer, as do the adrenal hormones, in a surplus of adrenaline and stress.

Let’s play our cards calmly, with cardio and fitness 3 times a week.

4. Do only weights and not aerobic exercise

15 common mistakes you make when trying to lose weight: the 15 most common mistakes

Sure, weights are an easy way to shape your body and lose weight, but without aerobic exercise and a proper diet, they can gain muscle mass without great results.

Better a balanced mix of the two, while also giving a good chunk of time to aerobic exercise, perfect for just burning fat.

5. Choose light foods

Sometimes, at the supermarket, we are always the first to choose those foods that are called light. But be careful what we take, it’s easier to find ourselves dealing with foods that are high in sugar to enhance their flavor or are otherwise full of refined or processed sugars to make them more palatable.

Always choose to read the labels of the products in front of you, without being dazzled by the denomination.

Several times it’s just a name.

6. Think about burning more calories than real calories during exercise

Surely a trained body that does constant training tends to burn constant calories as well. But if you’ve just started exercising, don’t think that in one session you find yourself losing who knows how much weight or burning who knows how many calories.

With our smartphones today it is easy to realize how much we are really losing but in the absence of technical tools just think that exercising is good for health but it is not a miracle, in any case.

7. Not eating enough protein

15 common mistakes you make when trying to lose weight: the 15 most common mistakes

Let’s keep in mind that eating protein (animal and non-animal) is a really effective way to lose weight. In fact, proteins help reduce appetite, increase the feeling of fullness, decrease calorie intake, increase metabolic rate and protect muscle mass during weight loss.

So yes to protein, yes to protein bars, yes to meal replacements.

Obviously only if of quality.

8. Not eating enough fiber

15 common mistakes you make when trying to lose weight: the 15 most common mistakes

Fibers help to improve our intestines and make us significantly increase the sense of satiety.

Eating a plate of legumes results in a long fullness and improves our intestinal work.

So yes to fiber, also because the gel contained in foods rich in fiber also manages to make our body acquire fewer calories, as thanks to a patina on the stomach.

9. Eating too much fat on a low carbohydrate diet

Sometimes a lot of fat products are included in low-carb diets to compensate.

But pay attention to how much fats are swallowed, because it is easier to lose track of what you eat especially if you are hungry.

On the other hand, the low carb diet can be effective precisely because you learn, rather quickly, to eat less with excellent weight loss results.

Obviously it will be up to us to understand how this weight loss can become lasting.

10. Eat often even if you are not hungry

For years we have been filling our heads with snacks all day to speed up our metabolism. However, this does not mean eating even if you are not hungry.

Not so, we just have to think about how our body reacts in these cases and evaluate what our sensations are.

Don’t think about what a general thought is, think about what you want.

11. Having unrealistic expectations

You can’t lose 10 pounds in two weeks.

It is not realistic.

And this is your problem.

Not being realistic on a diet that needs stimulation and achievable goals.

Don’t rush, follow your body and love yourself.

12. Don’t control what you eat

You must have in mind what to eat and how to eat it in a balanced mix of fruit, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates.

Monitoring what we are eating makes our task much easier, gaining awareness allows us to lose weight.

13. Drink carbonated or sugary drinks

Fizzy drinks, fruit juices, anything we buy away from home, are highly rich in processed sugars.

And that does nothing but harm.

Precisely for this reason, sugary drinks are considered full of empty calories, that is, they make you fat without having any nutrients inside.

Then that’s enough.

14. Don’t read the labels

I have mentioned it before several times, not reading product labels is a serious mistake because it leads you to not know what you are buying or eating. And in a balanced diet you must always have the pulse of what we eat.

15. Eat refined food

It is a big mistake to eat high-sugar pasta and breads and processed foods.

Much better for our diet to rely on whole foods that are natural and have intact nutrients within them.


It takes very little to live better and eat better, just be careful not to make common mistakes like these. And then it will all be downhill.

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