In this videogame era, gaming accessories are increasingly important. It is essential that every self-respecting gamer must …

In this videogame era, gaming accessories are increasingly important. It is essential that every self-respecting gamer must have good peripherals and above all good headphones. Precisely for this reason, today we are going to analyze together, the new Gaming Headset HS35  from Corsair.


Like almost all Corsair products, the box that accompanies this interesting product is sober and characterized by the usual colors of the brand: yellow on the front and black on the sides. Once the package is unwrapped, we find a sturdy plastic package that supports and protects the new HS35 gaming headset . Inside, of course, in addition to the headphones, we find the removable microphone , an adapter, the  warranty guide  and  the instruction booklet .

hs 35


As with all the latest HS series headphones (see the HS70 ), the HS35 also use an over-ear pad design, different from the more traditional oval one. To the touch these headphones are really well made, despite being entirely built in plastic. When they are taken and worn, every single component is the result of excellent workmanship, also considering the price range to which they are going to be placed. The headband consists of a metal strap covered with good padding, which makes longer use comfortable and easy. Despite this, the aluminum comes out to be seen only by raising the yokes, giving an even more beautiful appearance to the headphones.

The earpads are lined with memory foam and are really comfortable. I tried them during extended play sessions ( League and Hearthstone ) and they fit comfortably in my ears. I also had my partner use them to listen to music, who has a smaller head, and she too felt a pleasant sensation of grip and comfort.

The HS35 weighs only 250 grams without microphone, an average “lightness” for this kind of device. On the side of the left pavilion, we find the two buttons to control the volume and to activate / deactivate the microphone. On the right, however, there is only the 3.5 mm jack for the removable microphone. The only flaw, the small plastic cap that covers the jack, is inconvenient to reinsert once removed, and is even easier to lose when the microphone is mounted.

As for the microphone , we can say with certainty that both in terms of performance and features it is of high quality. Very comfortable to model to your liking and maintains the shape without having to constantly fix it.hs 35



The new HS35 are designed to be used on almost all existing gaming platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and almost all mobile devices. This makes them versatile and perfectly compatible with almost all of our needs. If we then consider the price at which they are sold ( € 44.90 ), we can be more than certain, to find in our hands (or perhaps I should say “on the ears”) a product of excellent quality.

Sonically, the custom 50mm neodymium speakers deliver truly high sound quality, intense, smudge-free range, depth and reliability. The detachable unidirectional microphone itself is designed to deliver crisp voice quality and to reduce ambient noise (very useful). Even the simple keys located on the left ear cup are simple and intuitive, but capable of immediately adjusting the audio without having to interrupt the game session. All this is accompanied by the Discord certification , which suggests them to users who want to maintain clear, precise and high quality communication sessions.


The gaming headset market is littered with cheap but low-end products. The price of the HS35 might seem high, but when you think about comfort and understated style, I think it’s perfectly balanced. The performance of these gaming headphones is very high, although obviously they do not offer the level of the top of the range. However, they are suitable for players of all types, who are looking for quality products at reasonable and not exorbitant prices.

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