How to reduce body fat if you can’t work out?

How to reduce body fat if you can’t work out?

When we talk about losing weight, we are not exactly talking about losing weight, that is, losing weight and losing weight are not always synonymous. If I lose a pound of body fat, I will have a leaner physique than if I lose two pounds of water, even if it is heavier.

People we consider to be thin don’t often have a low body weight, but they do have a low body fat percentage.

In short, it is the less flab that makes the abdominals visible, that the skin is taut and that the muscles seem more sculpted and the body drier. And that, in general, the centimeters are reduced, because for the same weight, body fat is more voluminous than muscle.


An essential factor in reducing body fat is increasing lean mass.
This hardly happens at the same time, that is, if I put on muscle it does not mean that I automatically lose body fat as well, but it has been seen that body mass affects the basal metabolism and that lean mass affects more than fat. 

At the same time, to increase the lean mass it is necessary to train, and training requires a greater expenditure of energy, if we do not then compensate with food. This is why those who train with workloads that allow them to increase lean mass, even without dieting but with the same calories consumed, can lose body fat little by little.

Now that I have given you the lesson, let’s get to the topic of the article: it is possible to reduce body fat (and not just weight on the scale) without exercising. Like… not at all?
Here’s how you can manage to reduce body fat if you can’t work out.

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