How to prevent cancer according to AIOM

How to prevent cancer according to AIOM

A decalogue published by the best Italian oncologists, 10 rational rules that help us to assume our responsibilities in the field of cancer and above all in a preventive perspective, since when it comes to cancer, prevention is the best weapon ever.

How to prevent cancer according to AIOM

Let’s start with the presentations, or what is AIOM : it is a scientific society that brings together the major Italian oncologists, its name stands for the Italian Association of Medical Oncology , is based in Milan and has existed since 1973, and has been promoting numerous projects, events and activities to support research and to inform people in favor of a lifestyle aimed at minimizing and promoting the possibility of cancer.

One of these initiatives was to make known a decalogue, a sort of vademecum of common sense to prevent cancer .

In this sense, it is emphasized that a large part of the forms of cancer, almost half, can be avoided with a correct lifestyle , a very strong figure, especially if said by a scientific society of this caliber, which breaks a little the ancient pattern of patient-victim of a bad fate or misfortune, but which, very clearly, pushes people to assume their responsibilities by making it clear that for most of our life, we are the atrocities of our level of health and that a healthy life means a conscious life . And viceversa.

So let’s take a look, in no particular order, at what AIOM suggests in the field of cancer prevention.

We will see that we have already heard many things repeated many times but when it comes to health, repetita iuvant.

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1. Keep your weight under control . It is well known that obesity, hyperphagia, and excess fat mass are conditions related to specific forms of cancer. Frequent and sudden weight fluctuations are a suspicious symptom potentially capable of contributing to the birth of tumor forms.

2. Monitor the nevi . Nevus are benign skin tumors but they are also an indication of a predisposition to some forms of skin cancer. Freckles and nevi of Ota are also considered nevi, i.e. congenital and permanent changes in the sclera of the eye.

How to check the nevi?   Check if they are symmetrical: asymmetrical ones are suspect. Check the edges: while the nevi have regular contours, melanomas are irregular. Check the color: uniform color is a good sign while it is good to have shaded or polychrome nevi checked.

Check the dimensions: above half a centimeter, should be checked. Control its evolution : Noticeable growth and changes in the condition of a nevus are always to be suspected. Check the elevation: the higher they are in relation to the level of the skin, the more they need to be kept under control.

3. Say “NO” to smoking . Right now, AIOM tells us that female smoking is on the rise. It is good to remember that one in 3 cancers is caused by smoking. It is not for nothing that it is also written on cigarette packs.

4. Do not make sunlamps : speaking of smoking … sunlamps are considered carcinogenic as much as smoking and a continuous and incorrect exposure of the skin to sunlamps has been shown to be a cause of cancer

5. Saying “NO” to anabolics :  the use of steroids and doping to increase muscle mass and chemically improve physical and sporting performance is recognized as a behavior that enormously raises the risk of tumor onset.

6. Contain the consumption of alcohol a large group of cancers ranging from oral cancer to intestinal cancer, passing through breast, pharynx and liver, are due to an excessive consumption of alcohol.

7. To prevent sexually transmitted diseases and there are types of cancer linked to sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis. Casual unprotected sex appears to be the cause of 1 in 5 cancers from infections.

8. Exercise . A too sedentary life greatly increases the possibility of developing a tumor. Sport and physical activity are, together with diet, the first defense against cancer.

9. Having a correct diet the Mediterranean diet has also been studied to prevent some forms of cancer. The antioxidants and fiber provided by large quantities of fruit and vegetables are one of the best tools to prevent cancer from developing.

10. Do periodic screening : early diagnosis is the best tool to keep our health under control and to avoid having to fight hard battles against well-established cancers that could have been eradicated with less effort and suffering if taken in time.

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