How to make a sore throat go away

How to make a sore throat go away

Sore throat can be caused by various factors, cold, bacteria, viruses. Specific natural remedies can help soothe the ailment in a short time.


We can remedy a sore throat , to avoid it or to stem it if it has already arrived, without immediately resorting to drugs. With tricks and natural remedies, of course.


  • What to eat with a sore throat
  • Foods to avoid
  • How to cure a sore throat: natural remedies
  • The rinses for sore throat
  • Herbal teas, infusions, sore throat sprays
  • Natural supplements for sore throats
  • How long does a sore throat last
  • What to do if the sore throat does not go away?
  • How to prevent a sore throat


What to eat with a sore throat

In case of throat inflammation , eating can also be tiring, swallowing can be painful. Promoting the intake of some soothing foods that can disinfect the oral cavity, calm sore throats by preventing the use of drugs is the first useful step.

  • Honey : with anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to calm sore throats and can be ingested with hot milk, or mixed with turmeric and hot water to create a sort of very effective syrup.
  • Lemon : with disinfectant properties, it can be taken together with water at room temperature to protect not only the throat but the entire oral-pharyngeal tract.
  • Licorice : the root in herbal tea cut helps relieve a sore throat. Thanks to its emollient, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, a decoction of licorice helps to swallow without pain, to protect the oral cavity and to dissolve any mucus formations.

Promote the consumption of fruits , vegetables , whole grains , vegetable proteins , onion and garlic , which act as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.


Foods to avoid if you have a sore throat

Just as there are foods useful to soothe sore throats, there are also foods that are best avoided , to limit irritation and more acute inflammation. 

  • Spicy foods: in particular chilli, pepper, can be a vehicle of further irritation on an already inflamed throat. 
  • Dairy products : they do not directly affect the sore throat, but must be taken with care if subjected to antibiotic treatment.
  • Alcohol : Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the mucous membranes of the throat, and may further worsen a sore throat.


How to cure a sore throat: natural remedies

Alongside the right foods, it is possible to combine many natural remedies to cure sore throats quickly:

  • Essential oils;
  • herbal teas;
  • spray;
  • supplements

they can relieve a sore throat.


The rinses against the sore throat

Gargling with salt water (a tablespoon of salt or baking soda in a glass of hot water) relieves sore throats caused by irritants such as dry air (especially that coming out of air conditioners or heaters). They also act as modulators of secretions, in case the sore throat is due to a fat cough.

  • Licorice acts as an anti-inflammatory: A study in India showed that gargling with water and licorice root relieved sore throats from surgical intubation in patients who used it. The leftover licorice tea can be drunk, and it can also relieve the esophageal tract and stomach.
  • Savory and sage , used to make gargle infusions, have a soothing effect .
  • Other more home remedies include rinsing with hot water and apple cider vinegar which acts as a disinfectant of the mouth and throat.


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Herbal teas, infusions, sore throat sprays

  • Honey : a precious food that can be used as a sweetener for herbal teas to strengthen their emollient and disinfectant action. One study showed that in 139 children with respiratory problems, taking honey improved their nocturnal cough more than medication.
  • Cinnamon : excellent in the preparation of anti-inflammatory infusions.
  • Mint : Menthol reduces mucus and soothes inflammation. Scientific studies show that its action is superior to that of placebo. Mint sprays can relieve sore throats while also treating its causes. In addition to freshening your breath!
  • Myrrh : a resin with anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and soothing properties, in spray and in the form of mouthwash, myrrh helps relieve infections of the oral cavity.
  • Propolis : It is produced by bees to protect against bacteria and works great for us too. It exists on the market in the form of a spray, for direct action, or dry extract tablets, to support the immune system.


Natural supplements against sore throats

Herbal science comes in handy for curing sore throats and colds . It is possible to take supplements useful to protect the body, to strengthen the immune system and to intervene to soothe from colds and inflammation of the respiratory tract.

  • Propolis : powerful antiseptic produced by bees, propolis acts as a natural antibiotic, a valid ally against sore throats, colds and flu. It is composed of resins, wax, essential oils, pollen and flavonoids. It acts as an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant.
  • Erisimo : it is also called the singers’ herb, it has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. Rich in mucilage, erysme performs a soothing activity for the throat, even in the case of aphonia, counteracts dry mouth even from smoking and is an excellent remedy for coughs.
  • Echinacea : immunostimulating and immunomodulating, echinacea acts on the immune system and can be taken both to prevent and to treat all the various ailments related to the change of season, colds, sore throats, flu.

How long does a sore throat last

The duration of the sore throat can extend from two days of the ritual to a week , usually at the first signs using the above remedies or over- the -counter disinfectant drugs, the inflammation resolves quickly; if, on the other hand, there is an infection in progress, the duration of the sore throat can be prolonged for a longer time and in these cases it is necessary to consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis and a treatment also based on antibiotics .

What to do if the sore throat does not go away?

A persistent sore throat should never be ignored if it lasts longer than a week. If you have a high fever or sore tonsils or severe pain, you should contact your doctor. Particular attention by smokers in case of persistent and strong sore throat: consult your doctor and start specific diagnostic tests.


How to prevent a sore throat

Some simple tricks and correct lifestyles can help us prevent inflammation of the oral cavity:

  1. Stop smoking : Smoking, among other damages, irritates the mucous membranes.
  2. Change your toothbrush : bacteria from the oral cavity can spread in the throat and inflame it.
  3. Use a humidifier : A sore throat upon waking up can be caused by an environment that is too dry. Humidifying the bedroom with a humidifier can solve the problem of dryness. The fumigations can help prevent and treat sore throats with useful essential oils such as eucalyptus , thyme , cajeput .
  4. Treating Gastroesophageal Reflux : At night, reflux can irritate and cause a sore throat upon awakening. Sleeping with a pillow under your shoulders, remaining slightly raised from the horizontal plane, can relieve the symptoms of reflux (which must still be treated with the support of your doctor).


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