How to lose weight in the summer in a simple way?

How to lose weight in the summer in a simple way?

How to lose weight in the summer? In this article, I describe a really simple plan to reduce your body weight a little in the summer, avoiding crash diets and using seasonal fruits and vegetables to lose weight. This scheme is customizable according to your needs, and with a slight reduction in carbohydrates without being drastic. It can be followed for a maximum of one month, after which it is necessary to replenish carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cereals) by reviewing the lifestyle and always focusing on balanced dishes.

Breakfast with a maximum of 300/350 calories
 a handful of puffed whole grains such as “Fitness Cereals” or alternatively “All Bran” (about 35 gr) with a few pieces of fresh fruit (max 100 gr) and a 150/170 g Greek yogurt without fat or added sugar.
Alternative: 1  Chocolate bar like this  + 100 gr of seasonal fruit
Alternative: a DIY chocolate protein shake, like this one , or vegan, like this one.

400 calorie lunch and dinner
A plate of lukewarm vegetable soup without legumes or potatoes with a teaspoon of oil (or pesto) + a palm-sized portion of natural tuna, natural mackerel, chicken, veal, tofu , tempeh, meat in jelly or low-fat dairy such as lean ricotta, cottage cheese, light cheese + salad with lettuce and green leafy vegetables (baby spinach, rocket) and a raw vegetable of your choice with a teaspoon of oil. As an alternative to the soup dish: a 150 g fruit or two scoops of fruit ice cream (about 70 g). As an alternative to the protein sources mentioned: two eggs or 200 grams of already boiled legumes.

Snack: A fruit of 100 gr (varied) or a centrifuged 80% of vegetables and 20% of fruit.

Alternatives: You can make a substitute meal as an alternative to the lunch or dinner model.
Here are some of them: substitute meals for weight loss .
You can also eat ice cream, in doses of maximum 100 g (a medium cup) as long as it is artisanal and without cream. In this case, add a low-fat yogurt snack (125 g) to your diet.

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