How to lose weight in a week

How to lose weight in a week

A very simple diet plan to lose weight in a week , suitable for those who do not want to follow pre-printed diets, do not want to count the grams of what they eat but are looking for something really easy and instinctive to lose weight.

This scheme can be used as often as you need to lose some weight in a short time, and can be safely used for one or two weeks at most: for example if we plan to attend a party, if we have exaggerated at the table and we want to get back in line but deflate by one or two kilos.


Pre-breakfast: warm water with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey or Yacon syrup + a prebiotic

Breakfast, coffee or tea plus:
– two slices of rye bread with two egg whites omelette, or
– 200ml skim milk with 3 tablespoons of cornflakes or oatmeal or muesli,  or
– 200g Greek yogurt or cottage cheese skimmed with 3 wasa slices or 3 rice / corn cakes,  or
– a fruit salad of about 250 gr, with a mix of citrus and red fruits + melon or pineapple

Before lunch : a cup of coffee

200 gr of grilled chicken breast or natural tofu with half flatbread or 40 gr of brown rice (raw weight)
+ 200 gr of green leafy vegetables with a teaspoon of oil,  or
40 gr of whole grains of your choice (raw weight) + 200 gr of lentils or other boiled legume + salad with a teaspoon of oil, or
2 hard-boiled eggs with two slices of rye bread or a small wholemeal sandwich + green leafy vegetables with a teaspoon of oil

Snack: a cup of green tea + two mandarins or a small orange or half a grapefruit

Snack two: a digestive-type wholemeal biscuit (also good associated with the pre-bed snack)

– a plate of minestrone of only green leafy vegetables, pureed + 100 gr of peeled lupins or fresh peas or fresh borlotti cooked or prepared as you prefer + salad with a teaspoon of oil
– bresaola or natural tuna 100 gr with salad addition of raw vegetables (peppers, tomatoes) at will + a teaspoon of oil
– meat or white fish, 100 g + vegetables at will + a teaspoon of oil
Pre-sleep: 200 ml of skimmed milk
Spices, lemon juice, vinegar wine are in free quantities.
Sweetener allowed in moderation.

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