How to lose 3 kg in 7 days?

How to lose 3 kg in 7 days?

How to lose weight fast, maybe in a week?
For example, how to lose 3 kg in 7 days, or even more?
The method (or methods, as we will see) exist, and you don’t even need to follow a weight loss plan to the letter . However , two things must be taken into account.

The first: the pounds you lose quickly are not all of body fat, but mostly of water. So you will see yourself lighter and look much more deflated, but the real, effective weight loss will probably be less than a quarter of the weight.

And of this the fat loss will be even less.

The second: returning to normal nutrition, all the weight except the weight lost will actually return overnight.

This will happen with any diet you do if it is about rapid weight loss. It is useless for you to go looking for magical solutions, alternative plans to this, special alchemies in the combination and choice of foods that will lead you to lose weight without regaining it. Unfortunately, where there is a trick, there is deception.

So why do it?
Because you want to see yourself better in the mirror, because you have eaten too much previously, because you have an important appointment not only with the scale. In this case, knowing well what it entails and without illusions, here’s how to lose 3 kg in 7 days.


We call this plan “the super easy strategy”.
You simply have to eat about 150 grams per meal of the foods on list 1 (weight from raw or natural food), 5 grams per meal of the foods on list two (equal to one level teaspoon) and the foods on list 3 at will
. eat three meals a day with all three foods.
Two or more snacks a day with the foods on list 3.
Stop eating by nine in the evening until the morning.
Beyond this, you have to get yourself two herbal teas to drink for 7 days, just go to the herbalist’s shop.
And finally, a short ten-minute workout a day.
Nothing more.

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