How to get rid of the feeling of hunger from the afternoon

How to get rid of the feeling of hunger from the afternoon

The title of this article will seem strange to you: how to eliminate the sense of hunger from afternoon to evening.

But it falls flat with two new studies that identify the circadian rhythm as one of the causes of overweight.
We eat too much at the wrong times of the day, and we eat the wrong things , according to two new research.

Which specify that, if from afternoon to evening we are subject to hunger pangs, what we must do to lose weight is not to eat less, but to distribute food better throughout the day.

And you also have to eat different things depending on whether it is morning, afternoon or evening.

Since many people ask me how to get rid of hunger from the afternoon on, I always replied that in my opinion it was partly a problem of “food distribution throughout the day”.
There are now also two new studies to confirm this.
To make you understand how it works, let’s make two cases: case A and case B.

Case A: 

He wants to lose weight, so he eats very little in the morning or skips breakfast even if he’s hungry.
Arrive hungry for lunch, eat a first course or a sandwich.
In theory he should be limited to some fruit in the afternoon, but he starts nibbling and never finishes it. Until he gets to dinner that he eats in a messy way, whatever happens, an arranged thing, only to be hungry for crap again after dinner. Result: get fat.

Case B:

He wants to lose weight, he starts with a hearty breakfast, including carbohydrates but also something protein. For example yogurt with cereals, a slice of ricotta cake, a toast with ham, rusks with ricotta and jam.
He is satisfied, arrives at lunch with a normal hunger. Eat a “single dish”, that is to say you make a single dish with lots of vegetables, a little pasta or rice (50 g maximum), a small addition of proteins such as tuna, bresaola, tofu, eggs, legumes, and simply seasoned.

Now, what will happen to B? Will he be crazy hungry in the afternoon?
According to experts, no.

B can easily be limited to a bar or a low-fat yogurt with fruit, and then have a light dinner (vegetables + proteins: for example, salad and steak) to finish with a small fruit.
Furthermore, B will burn calories in a different way compared to A: thermogenesis after meal, that is our ability to burn calories in digestion, is greater in the first part of the day until the early afternoon, less in the evening.

So B will burn more than A and will not have the same hunger as A.
Morale? If you suffer from nervous hunger from afternoon to evening, be like B.

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