How to get lean and toned by eating your fill

How to get lean and toned by eating your fill

Sarah Lindsay is a British personal trainer, gold and silver medalist at the Winter Olympics in skating, who works as a trainer at Roar Fitness. Her clients include many celebrities, and with good reason. In fact, Sarah is a woman with an enviable physique, but who doesn’t make big sacrifices at the table.

In a recent interview , he explained that he eats three to three thousand five hundred calories a day. Her secret? The right workout, but also a healthy diet in which she eats her fill and does not lack anything.

In this article we see how to get lean and toned by eating your fill according to her advice.



  • Do weights three times a week at the gym.

    Forget the hours of treadmills and aerobics. Work out in the gym three times a week, maximum four, to build lean mass and sculpt your body. The secret to succeeding? Lift weights as heavy as possible according to your strength level and obviously without hurting yourself.

    According to Sarah, you need to challenge yourself with weights, trying to do adequately heavy loads according to your strength level. She trains for 45 minutes three times a week and every now and then when she’s not training she goes running for up to an hour.

    To illustrate this concept of weights Sarah gives an example: if you perform 4 sets of an exercise of 15 repetitions and afterwards you are still perky and without a drop of sweat, so much so that you could also do a fourth set, then it means that you are not lifting. enough weight. You don’t have to be able to do one more repetition if the weight is correct. This is the mistake that many women make.

  • As the force increases, the loads must also be increased.

    This is the secret to having a higher metabolism. The important thing is not to overdo it by going to the gym every day, because the body needs to recover or you risk the opposite effect. And avoid cardio. Just hit it off with weights.

  • Don’t follow fitness influencers, find a good weightlifting trainer instead

    Try to get an experienced, capable person to follow you and forget about social media, videos and influencers. Very often these people train badly and get results only with crash diets, setting a bad example.

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