How to eat to lose weight? Here is the formula

How to eat to lose weight? Here is the formula

How and what to eat to lose weight? From a purely caloric point of view, we already know the answer, we have heard it from a thousand to fifteen thousand times in the course of a lifetime. To lose around half a kilo of weight per week, you need to cut around 500 calories from our meal plan. But how to behave with the choice of food, or how to eat to lose weight? How many proteins, how many carbohydrates and how many fats to eat? This question is answered by scientists at McMaster University : according to them, there are two possibilities.

If we want to lose body fat and gain muscle mass , we have to combine calorie cutting with two or three sessions of weights in the gym (not exhausting) and use a calorie counter app setting the macronutrients in this way: 50 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent. percent protein and 15 percent fat.
If we want to lose only body fat, and leave the lean mass unchanged , we must always combine the cut in calories with physical activity, but set the macronutrients in this way: 50% carbohydrates, 15% protein and 35% fat, always using a calorie counter app to make sure you respect the percentages.
Many calorie counter apps are free and, given that you need to keep calories under control, setting macronutrients in percentages is a very simple effort, especially taking into account that you can eat whatever you want, the important thing is to respect the amount of fat. carbohydrates and proteins depending on our goal.

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