How to eat healthy on vacation?

How to eat healthy on vacation?

When you are traveling, not having the comforts of cooking meals from home and often having to eat out (or, for those who book an apartment: having little time to cook healthy meals), you tend to eat poorly and consequently get fat . On the other hand, on vacation you also want to relax, and enjoying good food is part of the vacation itself. In this article I will explain my tricks on how to eat healthy even on vacation , without missing anything, first of all tasting everything and indulging in more than a whim.

A) How to behave with buffets: you may find yourself having a buffet breakfast, or even half board or full board with the possibility of serving yourself freely. These are the rules that can help you:
– yes to citrus juices and smoothies or a portion of fruit for breakfast: no to industrial juices.
– yes to a dessert of your choice from the buffet: since the buffet does not run away, and maybe you will have the opportunity to eat the same things on other days, bingeing is stupid. Choose only a small dessert among the proposed ones or if it is a portion of cake, share it with partner or friends for breakfast. For lunch, opt for a large vegetable side dish and a small protein starter. For dinner, grilled meat or fish.
– yes to a protein food: eggs, lean meats, Greek yogurt are all right.
– in the face of so much choice, avoid eating “normal” things: do you have a buffet full of delicious things? Avoid eating even packaged products, focus on fresh and local. It is useless to eat rusks with jam or biscuits on vacation if they cook you an omelette on the spot, or offer you tropical fruit. Changing your diet is good for you.

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