How to do the molecular diet

How to do the molecular diet

caloriemoleculesAnd let’s go back to talking about the molecular diet, the diet of Dr. Pierluigi Rossi of which I have already told you here and here , in the second link even assuming an interview with the well-known doctor. What is the molecular diet based on? The principle is simple, it is the application that is a little complex: according to the molecular diet, in fact, calories do not count as much as food molecules. According to epigenetics, foods affect a part of our DNA, namely the phenotype, and not the genotype. Pier Luigi Rossi also argues that the food we eat leads to phenotypic changes, and for this reason he speaks of a molecular diet. If you want to read his book, this is a link to buy itMolecular diet
But how to approach the molecular diet, how to know if it is right for us or not?
Here is the molecular diet in seven easy to understand points , which will allow those who want to get an idea and those who want to know more to buy the book.

1) Eat five meals a day, eating every three hours , to avoid glycemic ups and downs and hunger pangs. The snacks will be fruit based.
2) In the morning , never have coffee on an empty stomach . And during the day, as well as on a full stomach, you shouldn’t overdo it: two cups and stop.
3) You need to eat more in the first span of the day : breakfast, snacks and lunch. Dinner must be one third of the daily calories.
4) Carbohydrates must be reduced, but not eliminated: eat three days of protein meals and one day of carbohydrate meal ; this means that in a week you can have from one to two carbohydrate meals.
5) Per day of  protein meal the prof. Rossi means: carbohydrate-based breakfast (homemade wholemeal cake, porridge, wholemeal bread, sugar-free cereals, etc.), lunch based on raw vegetables + protein dish of your choice and cooked vegetables, wholemeal bread (preferably rye), one and a half tablespoons of oil as a total seasoning of the meal. This meal for both lunch and dinner. It is necessary to do this meal plan for three days. in a row.
6) Per day of carbohydrate mealwe mean: a meal based on carbohydrates of your choice, including wholemeal pasta, potatoes, brown rice, cereals, legumes. It should be paired with raw vegetables and seasoned with a maximum of one and a half tablespoons of oil. You don’t have to associate more carbohydrates. The carbohydrate day will have two such meals. No bread.
7) For coffee lovers, the doctor recommends barley for its water-soluble fiber content, especially in the afternoon.

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