How to detox easily and without supplements

How to detox easily and without supplements

How to detox the easy way, and why do it? Especially with spring, many people feel the need to “lighten up”, not only because the winter holidays are beautiful that they have passed but they have left us a memory that can be translated into kilos, which we would like to lose for the summer, but also because during the change of season our immune defenses are put to the test, and giving a hand to the liver and intestines also allows us to have better digestion, less predisposition to allergies, more beautiful skin. In short: maybe we really need a bit of a healthy detox, but how to detox?
Does it make sense to buy natural products, supplements and whatnot?

From experience I tell you no, unless you are followed by an expert naturopath or homeopath able to give you personalized advice on your state of health. I say no because not everything that comes from nature (or from laboratories) can be suitable for us. Plants and herbal remedies in drops or extracts have a pharmacological action: they can interact with blood coagulation, pressure, blood sugar. They can cause us ailments such as insomnia and nervousness or even allergic reactions or sensitivity to some ingredients. Same thing for multivitamins. Avoid synthetic products.
Do-it-yourself is absolutely not recommended, and what’s more, there is no need to do it. 
So if you intend to do it yourself, search the internet and put your wallet in your hand, the advice is: save both the effort and the money. Because an ad hoc diet is the first real strategy to detoxify in an intelligent way. 
On page two I will explain how to detoxify in a simple and effective way without health risks, with the advice of the Indian nutritionist Kavita Devgan .

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