How to cure schizophrenia with natural methods?

How to cure schizophrenia with natural methods?

Hello, I would like to know if there are natural methods to cure schizophrenia. My sister has been treated for 18 years by psychiatrists who have treated ( depression first, then resulted in schizophrenia) this disease with psychotropic drugs of all kinds varying, depending on the period, the doses. It has been a year and a half that my sister has stopped taking psychiatric drugs, but the disease seems to be aggravated because she is very unreasonable (she hears voices, screams that are not there, she has hallucinations, everyone is against her, etc.) we are very worried, she does not want to go to psychiatrists and we are not even sure that it would be good for her to continue the treatment with psychotropic drugs that cause her many side effects and in any case do not seem to solve anything. Are there, in your opinion, alternative treatments for this now chronic disease? What could they be? If you can help us, can you tell me your reception days, times and fees? Thank you

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hi, I state that I am not a doctor but I can give you some important information about it, first of all I can tell you that the main thing is to rebalance the body from a biochemical point of view, that is, the girl must change her diet and switch to a diet that allows your body a so-called reset, remove the milk, eat meat 3 times a month and no more, fish 2 times a week, legumes ( beans , lentils , peas , etc.) or cereals on the other evenings (prefer those without gluten , black rice , buckwheatwhether or not it is a general pattern, an example of the diet that his sister should have; I recommend blood analysis with all the values ​​of vitamins to highlight deficiencies or hair analysis, then if I were you for the voices you hear I would do an experiment I would try to administer (under observation by your doctor) niacin for a period of 20 days starting from 500 mg per day to get to 3000 mg, there have been cases of disappearance of voices (orthomolecular medicine) but I recommend to do it under the observation of your doctor …. cmq if there were no significant results I would say that the drugs become essential as indeed psychotherapy and the most important thing is that the girl during the day is the most


Excuse me, I emphasize that sweets must be removed completely, if you want to eat pasta you can if you take those with ancient grains for example Girolomoni of graziella wheat, fruit and vegetables at will, I forgot the tomato eat it only raw and away from main meals (no to sauce)

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Hello as natural cures, I recommend the use of essential oils such as sandalwood, bitter orange, bergamot, ylang ylang and lavender. I recommend that you take Super Omega 3 Active, excellent for bipolar disorder and depression. I also recommend Reiki treatments, pranotherapy, pranic psychotherapy etc all treatments that help you in relaxation and in countering voices, hallucinations etc. as they work on the physical, energetic level and in the case of pranic psychotherapy on the mental level

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