How to cure cystitis without drugs

How to cure cystitis without drugs

It affects everyone without distinction of gender and age.
Cystitis is an annoying phenomenon that requires immediate and lasting care. But is it really possible to cure cystitis without drugs?

How to cure cystitis without drugs

It may seem – wrongly – a purely female problem. Of course, it is also true that cystitis  preferably affects women because, compared to the male sex, they have a shorter urethra and this favors the entry of microorganisms into the urinary tract.

From there the bacteria go up the urethra reaching the bladder, where infectious colonization occurs with consequent inflammation, burning and pain, sometimes accompanied by bleeding.

Cystitis is diagnosed by the attending physician , who defines its severity and appropriate therapies. There are drugs to treat cystitis and natural remedies to treat cystitis without drugs.

Treating cystitis

In the treatment of cystitis there are two fundamental factors: the bacterial origin and the high probability of relapse . Prevention will therefore be important first of all , with adequate intimate hygiene that prevents the spread and proliferation of bacteria.

But to treat cystitis , the intestinal bacterial flora , the first “shield” of our immune system against external aggressions, and remedies that prevent relapses will be equally important .

In fact, the bacteria that cause cystitis are able to remain inactive in the cells of the bladder and resume the infection at the first drop in the immune defenses .

Whatever type of therapy is undertaken to treat cystitis, with or without drugs, it will be essential to take all these factors into account.

How to cure cystitis without drugs

In the event that the symptoms of cystitis appear for the first time, it is necessary to immediately contact a doctor who, after having diagnosed the actual presence of the infection, will be able to prescribe the most suitable antibiotic therapy.

In addition to drug therapy, it is always advisable to follow some simple rules that help speed up healing and can prevent any relapses .

On the other hand, in cases where cystitis recurs with such frequency that it is possible to recognize it at the very first symptoms, there are remedies that can be used to treat it even without drugs.

Treating cystitis without drugs: lifestyle

> Drink a lot: introducing more liquids can temporarily cause greater pain during urination due to the increase in the amount of urine to be eliminated, but drinking at least 2 liters a day (water or herbal tea) serves both to dilute the bacteria, counteracting their multiplication, both to favor its elimination and to obtain a “washing” of the urinary tract.

> Decrease the acidity of the urine . Making the urine less acidic helps eliminate bacteria. A teaspoon of  baking soda  in half a glass of water, twice a day and one before bed in the evening can help.

> If even minor pains appear in the lower abdomen, a hot water bottle can provide relief.

How to cure cystitis without drugs: natural remedies

It must be emphasized that in order to adequately treat cystitis it is essential to trace its triggering cause . Not all cystitis in fact have bacterial origin, some are of inflammatory origin and occur as a consequence of intense sexual intercourse.

To treat cystitis without drugs, it will also be essential to combine lifestyle changes with the use of one or more natural remedies, of which we recall the most important:

>   Mallow : soothing and anti-inflammatory, mallow can play in the case of cystitis. 15 g of fresh flowers and leaves will be used in 500 ml of water to make a decoction, boiling and filtering before drinking. Instead, two teaspoons of mallow in dry extract will be used to prepare an infusion, to be drunk in an amount of two cups a day.

>  Cranberries (Cranberry): Cranberry juice  has anti-inflammatory and protective properties for the urinary tract. In the form of dry extract it has also proved useful to combat relapses.

Bearberry : Bearberry  leaves  are used to prepare herbal teas useful for treating cystitis, often in association with other natural anti-inflammatory remedies.

Nettle : nettle can bring relief in cases of non-serious cystitis. A diuretic and anti-inflammatory infusion will be prepared, with two tablespoons of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water.

If despite these measures , symptoms persist for more than two or three days , it is necessary to consult a doctor .

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