How to burn calories without going to the gym or physical activity?

How to burn calories without going to the gym or physical activity?

How to burn calories without going to the gym or exercising?

Here are my tips to be able to be physically active and lose weight even for those who have very little time and desire to train, based on the latest scientific research.


  1. Jump rope for at least ten minutes.

    When I was little I was literally unable to train. I was obese and lived in a family that was unfamiliar with physical activity and any outdoor activities. Never done. When I decided to lose weight and lose over thirty kilos, in addition to the diet I imposed on myself, I bought a rope. The rope was my first way to exercise. And it is very useful for losing weight, more than running.
    There is no need to go out for a run.
    You just need to jump rope for ten minutes in a row a day to burn over a hundred calories.
    Doing it 4 times a day means you burn as much as an hour of running, but in forty minutes. We can therefore take 4 breaks of 10 minutes each during the day and start jumping.

  2. Stay on your feet for at least six hours a day.

    This is a strategy that works over the long term – that is, it alone causes you to lose two and a half pounds in a year according to a meta-analysis. 
    It goes without saying that the longer you sit, the more you will tend to gain weight.

  3. Do one hundred stairs a day 3 times.

    If you live on the fifth floor or higher, avoiding the elevator every day and going up and down the stairs at least 3 times a day allows you to burn calories without having to work out. Here, too, you burn more calories than walking.

  4. Walk three times a week for an hour or every day do 100 jumping jacks 3 times a day.

    No jump rope? Do jumping jacks (see them here ) or three brisk walks a week, as often as you like, for an hour. Jumping jacks are a bodyweight jumping exercise, which you can do safely even at different times of the day.
    For example 100 in the morning, 100 in the afternoon and 100 before dinner, taking care to do 100 in a row or with breaks of ten seconds as soon as you feel out of breath: it is no more than 5 minutes at a time. This way by the end of the week you will have burned about 700 extra calories. You also tone your arms and train your legs.

    And if you want to boost your weight loss, here’s how to lose weight without a diet. 

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