How much healthy lifestyle prevents cancer

How much healthy lifestyle prevents cancer

How much does a healthy life affect cancer prevention? How important is nutrition? What about obesity? Answers Anna Villarini, Nutritionist Biologist of the Cancer Institute of Milan.

According to science, how much do lifestyles affect prevention?

“The European Code against Cancer says that 30% of cancers would be preventable with proper nutrition , and more than 50% if we combined healthy lifestyles with proper nutrition “, Anna Villarini replies. 

Are there any differences between the various oncological pathologies?

We all know that lung cancer is more common in smokers . A little less well known, however, is that there are some types of cancer that arise more frequently in people who consume large quantities of preserved meat.

Chronic inflammatory diseases, nutrition and obesity also play a role. The dynamics are many and complex , but Anna Villarini in her interview offers us some food for thought.


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