Hot flashes, causes and remedies

Hot flashes, causes and remedies

One of the most common symptoms of the menopause period, hot flashes can instead be caused by other pathologies and also affect men, as well as women. Naturopathy comes to the rescue in alleviating ailments related to hot flashes.

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Hot flashes, characteristics 

What is meant by hot flashes ? It is a sudden change in the perception of the internal and external temperature of the body, there is an intense heat that involves the upper part from the chest to the neck and face, sometimes even the head, with more or less profuse sweating and alteration of the beats . 

This phenomenon can last a few minutes, and bring with it anxiety , a feeling of inadequacy and embarrassment.

Hot flashes can occur during the day , in any condition, catching the subject by surprise and limiting their activity for the entire duration of the heat.

There are also nocturnal manifestations , with the same dynamics, which disturb sleep and can be a source of insomnia if they recur several times over a whole cycle.

Hot flashes are not only a female prerogative , even if the period of premenopause and menopause is the one in which these transitory phenomena are much more likely to be included.  

Men can also suffer from heat , due to a decrease in testosterone; in these cases it may be concomitant conditions with andropause , or with pathologies to be investigated in more detail.

Hot flashes, causes

Hot flashes can be the manifestation of conditions of imbalance or change that the human body, female or male, is going through.

  • pre-menopause / menopause: the female body undergoes hormonal changes, the ovaries stop the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, the menstrual cycle;
  • slows down until it disappears, and some disorders occur including heat, acceleration of the heartbeat, nervousness ;
  • pre-menstrual / menstrual period: even in this condition the female body undergoes cyclical changes that involve hormonal synthesis, and can be accompanied by mood swings, pressure changes, increased body temperature, hot flashes;
  • hyperthyroidism : when the thyroid shows hyperactivity with an overproduction of thyroid hormones, the metabolism changes its rhythms, accelerates and urges the organism that burns energy and nutrients more rapidly, it can manifest arrhythmias and hot flashes, nervousness;
  • pregnancy : it may happen that even in pregnancy, in the months in which the increase in body weight is felt more intense, heat, excessive sweating appear, which appear without warning and without leaving any aftermath, however, just a little of exhaustion;
  • andropause : a very subjective process, definable as para-physiological, during which a real fertility pause is not identified, as in women, but a slow and progressive process with a decrease in testosterone, and other androgens (dihydrotestosterone, androstenedione). The release of LH, the luteinizing hormone, also decreases at the pituitary level. In a natural chemical and physical contraction, changes in the perception of temperature, thermal changes, hot flashes can occur;
  • prostatic hypertrophy / prostate pathologies : enlargement of the central part of the prostate , which is accompanied by an increase in estrogen with age. This disorder leads to frequent urination, urgent and nocturnal. Often hormonal changes also present phenomena related to temperature changes, heat, sweating.

Hot flashes, remedies

Considering the different cases, obviously the remedies to be taken to soothe the disorder related to hot flashes are different and work, based on a  naturopathic approach , on the triggering cause.

 Soy isoflavones : remedy indicated for those who are approaching menopause or are in full-blown menopause. Soy isoflavones behave like estrogen-like and counteract hot flashes and more, also bone decay from osteoporosis , and any possible cardiovascular diseases. 

This remedy, however, is not suitable for everyone : it is good to check with your doctor as there may be interactions in the case of nodular problems in the breast.

Red clover : this remedy is also considered a phytoestrogen and is indicated both for problems related to menopause, and to the menstrual and antecedent period. It controls the excesses of hot flashes and hyper-sweating or foul-smelling sweating, promotes bone mineralization, regulates excess sebum on the skin and dermatological problems such as acne and eczema . 

Sage : salvia salvatrix natura conciliatrix, in other words, a remedy that normalizes imbalances in harmony with the natural physiological condition of the moment. It is therefore indicated both in menopause and during the cycle, in case of hyperthyroidism always ask for the opinion of the endocrinologist. Sage is particularly indicated in case of hyperhidrosis , as it can reduce hot flashes and limit their intensity.
Chaste tree : it is a very complex remedy and acts on several levels and for different needs. In the case of hot flashes and sweats due to endocrine problems, premature menopause, intermittent cycle, the chaste tree works as a remodulator, at the pituitary level. 

It is also useful for prostatic hypertrophy and for increasing urine flow . A valid support in the andropause process. 


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