Here is our guide to how and where to find Green Lume in Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy’s new adventure to save the planet.

Within Horizon Forbidden West , there is a very important resource for the purpose of the game, a material that is useful both for exchanges with merchants , and for being sold , but above all to upgrade your equipment : it is the Green Light , quite rare and difficult found in nature. However there are some kinds of locations in Horizon Forbidden West where you can definitely find Green Lume, sometimes even in good quantity. In this guide we will teach you how to recognize it (although it certainly does not go unnoticed) and what are the places where it will be easy to find it.

ATTENTION: within this guide there may be spoilers on the plot of Horizon Forbidden West and its locations, given that the Verdelume is a resource scattered throughout the game world.

This resource can be of different formats (larger or smaller pieces, it will be noted in the wording), but the game does not explain precisely where it can be found, and basically we will have to find out for ourselves. As already mentioned, there are categories of locations where Verdelume is insured, and they are scattered throughout the game world .

This is an example of how Verdelume presents itself to the player:

While exploring it will be possible to find some fragments in places relatively easily accessible and not too hidden, but most can be found in other types of places, so always look for a green glow (even if during the day it will be slightly less visible outdoors).

In fact, you can find enough in desert areas (but also in Fear or in No Man’s Land), and especially in the explorable Underwater Caves (which we advise you to beat well when you have obtained the mask to breathe underwater ).

Furthermore, in the first few bars of the game, you will get the possibility to detonate the Flame Splendors ( red crystals that are often found on walls, rocks or doors): you will find some rocky walls around the game world, which hide small doors and that you can open by detonating the Flame Splendor: in these you will often find Green Lightning and also supply boxes.

The Green Leaf can also be found during your explorations inside the Relic Ruins , which very often conceal a fragment or two of it.

Last and also the most direct way, is to take advantage of the workbench and create a miniquest for the research of materials, which will tell you where and how to find the ones you need to enhance a certain object (selected by you). A little more tiring than stumbling upon it “by chance”, but certainly fruitful and safe.

If the Verdelume guide was useful to you, we refer you to the Horizon Forbidden West game page where you can find all the information available, and also our complete guide to trophies and platinum , with everything you need to get the coveted trophy.

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