Here is our guide with all the camps and outposts of the Rebels in Horizon Forbidden West, also useful for obtaining certain trophies.

Within Horizon Forbidden West , one of the activities present will be to complete objectives inside Rebel Outposts or Rebel Camps , and in this guide we will tell you where you can find them all. Outposts are smaller and more numerous, while camps will require a little more work.

There are 17 outposts in total , you can find and complete them all, but to get the related trophy ( here our complete guide ) you just need to complete 4. In each of them you will have to defeat the leader and collect the loot from his body.

Instead , the Camps of the Rebels are in total 6 , which we will all have to investigate to get the “Defeated Asera” trophy. Also in the rebel camps you will be required to defeat the leader , but also to examine some clues with the focus, and destroy some objects.

The camps and outposts of the rebels are not to be missed, so you can also complete them later after you have completed the main story. We remind you that they will be considered completed when their color on the map turns green. Below we will show you the locations where to find all the fields and outposts.

ATTENTION: we remind you that the guide may contain spoilers regarding the plot and the events in Horizon Forbidden West, so we invite you to continue reading only if you have completed the game.

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Guide to all Rebel Outposts

  • Outpost 1 – Le Doline : The game doesn’t really count this place as a rebel camp, even if that’s the icon. You will complete this Camp as part of the side quest “The Zane Diggers”. The camp is just north of the first wasteland you will find as soon as you come out of Fear.
  • Outpost 2 – Fossa Dentata : it is located immediately south of Eco della Pietra.
  • Outpost 3 – Cantopuro : it is located immediately southwest of the city of Cantopuro, immediately after the contaminated fields.
  • Outpost 4 – The High Turn : From the relic ruins north of Cantopur, proceed west.
  • Outpost 5 – Brama Secca : From the last outpost mentioned, proceed southwest following the path.
  • Outpost 6 – Northern Shimmering Desert : Just west of Burning Spear.
  • Outpost 7 – Southern Shimmering Desert : Located in the southwest corner of the Shimmering Desert.
  • Outpost 8 – Northern Still Sands : Once you go to Still Sands, passing by the mines south of the Utaru territory, you will find it in front of you.
  • Outpost 9 – Still Sands West : Just west of the Still Sands Relic Ruins.
  • Outpost 10 – Sands Ferme South : Proceed south from the Sands Ferme North camp.
  • Outpost 11 – Tana del Fuggiasco : just north of the Ruins of the Relics.
  • Outpost 12 – Candida Lacrima : Just west of the city.
  • Outpost 13 – Watch of the Sentinels : near the lookout tower.
  • Outpost 14 –  Guardiarupe : Go straight west from The Mouth of the Arena.
  • Outpost 15 – North Rain Trail : Just northeast of the hunting ground.
  • Outpost 16 – Tracciapioggia Est : east of the area, almost on the border with Sands Ferme.
  • Outpost 17 – Tracciapioggia Ovest : just southeast of Neraspina.

Guide to all Rebel Camps

  • Camp 1 – East Base : Just north of Le Doline, this camp also contains information that is used for the secondary mission “The Zane Diggers”. There are several ways to enter the camp, from crossing the river, finding a hole in the fence, or dropping a tree so that it becomes a bridge.
  • Camp 2 – The Beehive : north from the northern Sands Ferme outpost.
  • Camp 3 – Taking of the Devil : in the lower left corner of the Sabbie Ferme area (south from the Sabbie Ferme Ovest outpost).
  • Camp 4 – Fenrise : just to the right of the Tracciapioggia Est outpost.
  • Camp 5 – Violated Rock : South of the hunting grounds and southwest of the Shimmering Desert Relic Ruins.
  • Camp 6 – First Forge : just south of the Sentinels’ vigil outpost.

For convenience, we propose the Powerpyx video , which we thank, dedicated to all the Camps of the Rebels:


That was all about the Rebel outposts and camps in Horizon Forbidden West . We remind you that for all the information on the game you can visit the dedicated page , and we also recommend that you read our review .

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