High Metabolism: Dr. Hyman’s Ultra-Metabolism Diet

High Metabolism: Dr. Hyman’s Ultra-Metabolism Diet

Is it possible to get a high metabolism in 21 days? According to Dr. Hyman, yes.

His ultra-metabolism diet is a diet that tries to dispel some myths or oversimplifications about weight loss.

Dr. Hyman , physicist and director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine , explains that saying that all calories are equal is, for example, a simplification that does more harm than good.
In fact, food must not only be considered according to the calories it provides, but also for the chemical and hormonal effect it has on our health. Not to mention the fact that for the same calories there are foods that satisfy us more and foods that instead trigger us the desire for other foods.


The basic nutrition of Dr. Hyman’s Ultra Metabolism Diet is a “whole food” diet for having a high metabolism.
That is: a whole diet. The advantages of this type of diet are many: these natural foods make us eat more and satisfy us more thanks to their fiber intake. They reduce our craving for industrial foods. They improve our health.

The following foods are included in this type of diet.

  • Proteins from meat, fish, eggs and legumes, but not cured meats, sausages, smoked, and processed products.
  • Carbohydrates from legumes, grains and whole organic products (no wholegrain products from the supermarket), fruit, vegetables.
  • Olive oil, avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds or flaxseed oil are the recommended sources of fat.

The main rules for having a high metabolism.

  • Only fats or sugars alone do not make you fat: it all depends on the quality of the food. For example, there are healthy saturated fats, such as those from coconut, but fatty cuts of meat are deleterious. The meat should be degreased.
  • Many populations eat carbohydrates even for 70% of their diet: but these are not the sweets we buy at the supermarket, but from fruit, legumes or tubers, some cereals.
  • Beyond this, it is necessary to avoid too large meals, and to fast for at least two hours before going to bed.
  • Eat red meats once a week, and cheese (other than Greek yogurt or skimmed dairy products) in extreme moderation, for example one 20-gram piece per day.
  • Eating breakfast and not skipping meals, cooking meals at home, choosing organic products and taking the right time to eat are other valuable tips that will improve our body weight.

But how to get to have an ultra metabolism, or a high metabolism? Here are the tips for those who, once they understand the basics of a healthy diet, want to give their metabolism an extra boost

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