Herbal tea from Buddhist Monks

Herbal tea from Buddhist Monks: makes you lose weight and burns fat

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The herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks has always been known as the herbal tea that makes you lose weight and burns excess fat. It is a drink made with a mixture of different herbs which are attributed useful properties for losing weight and for purifying the body. The herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks is becoming one of the best known slimming products. 100% natural, good and healthy. The famous herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks is now also widely used in the West to lose weight and feel good about your body. Buddhist herbal tea is an essential element of the diet of Buddhist monks that helps to quickly lose several kilos.

Buddhist monks herbal tea: ingredients
The ingredients for this herbal tea are of two types: dry as the mixtures and vegetable raw materials, and liquid. Ingredients for the herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks. Let’s start by listing the liquid ingredients which are basically three: water, necessary for the infusion, aloe vera, in the size of a soup spoon and finally three drops of lemongrass. The dry ingredients are a little more and the mixture we will create will be good for more herbal teas. You will need to find 3 soup spoons of green tea leaves (different qualities are fine, obviously better if BIO), 3 soup spoons of tulsi leaves, 3 grams of ginseng root powder, chopped mint leaves 10 grams, 3 tablespoons chopped rosemary in needles, 3 tablespoons of dried cornflower.

Buddhist monks herbal tea: properties and health benefits
The main effect of the Buddhist monks tea is that it is a slimming preparation, as it reduces the absorption of fats and cholesterol when taken after meals. In addition to being a slimming herbal tea, it is also useful for purifying the body, thanks to its detoxifying and draining properties. When to drink herbal tea Buddhist monks’ herbal tea can be drunk up to three times a day, away from meals for best results and it is recommended to drink it lukewarm.

Recipe to prepare the herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks
Let’s start mixing the dry ingredients marked above, a trick is to put them in a bag and shake it as if they were the bingo numbers. Now place all the dry ingredients in a container (preferably glass) and take a soup spoon. Pour it into the boiling water and add the liquid ingredients. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for ten minutes, filter and drink the lukewarm herbal tea. What is the herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks? It seems that this drink was already known in the eleventh century for its diuretic properties. It was consumed with the aim of improving body functions, giving the body energy. However, according to some experts, the herbal tea of ​​Buddhist monks was born much earlier and was surrounded by an aura of sacredness. In fact, they would like to place it in the fifth century AD,

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