Hepato-detox diet: cleanse the liver to lose weight

Hepato-detox diet: cleanse the liver to lose weight



Do you want to lose weight and boost your metabolism? Then clean up the liver. This organ together with the intestine is responsible for transforming food into energy and useful substances for the body, and plays a crucial role in our immune system.

A diseased liver can enlarge, causing the body to accumulate fat much more easily.
Sugars, fats, alcohol, food additives, a sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits: six things that negatively affect liver health.

And so Dr. Allouche, a French nutritionist, recommends, instead of following a weight loss diet and counting calories, to take care of the health of your liver first.

How? With the hepato-detox diet, a diet designed to improve liver health and thus lose 5 kg in 4 weeks.
Let’s see how.

  • Cleanse your liver for weight loss with the hepato-detox diet.

  • Check up phase.

  • The preliminary phase of the hepato-detox diet is very simple and lasts two days.
  • During these two days it is necessary to write down everything you eat in a notebook, weigh yourself and establish your body mass index.
  • After the two days, you move on to phase one and two of the diet.

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