Hearing problems: the diet to preserve the functionality of the ear

Hearing problems: the diet to preserve the functionality of the ear

The causes of hearing loss are various, among which we must certainly enumerate the passage of time. Continuous exposure to auditory stimuli in fact leads, with old age, to a more or less important decrease in the ability to hear noises, sounds and the human voice correctly. However, some studies have shown that a correct diet can help reduce both physiological hearing loss and that due to other causes.

The causes of hearing loss

There are many reasons for hearing loss, some related to our daily habits. Many people who lose their hearing at a young age, or even in old age, have been subjected to excessive auditory stimuli over the years. Anyone who works in the music field, in construction sites, mines or places where very noisy equipment is used should realize this right away.

This is because the hearing loss in these cases is progressive and is combined with the physiological loss of functioning of the organs that allow us to hear. Then there are people who take drugs that can lead to real lesions of the hearing system, as well as people who have bad daily habits.

Poor or no ear hygiene, or even neglected diseases, such as the more banal bacterial otitis, can cause temporary hearing loss which, however, in the long term, can result in the inability to hear correctly. If you want to learn more about this topic , discover the causes of hearing loss on InfoUdito .

The hearing diet

As we said, some researchers have found that a correct diet can improve hearing, or prevent hearing loss from happening quickly. It involves taking substances that favor the proper functioning of all the organs that are involved in the auditory system, as well as significantly slowing down aging .

These foods are all those rich in folate, the same ones that are recommended to mothers before and during pregnancy. We are talking about easy-to-find foods, which we can add to our diet every day without major problems.

Foods rich in golati are: legumes of all kinds, cereals but only if whole, offal (especially liver), brewer’s yeast and green leafy vegetables.

The above research has also shown that men have a risk of real hearing problems one and a half times higher than women with the same working conditions, health and age. This means that a diet rich in folate is particularly important especially for male hearing, which with these foods reduces the risk of total deafness by 20%.

Other good habits

In addition to introducing foods rich in folate into the diet, there are also other good habits to follow, which keep our ears young and healthy. The first concerns the treatment of any diseases of the ear canal , which should never be underestimated: if you feel pain in your ear, always go to the doctor.

Similarly, if the ability to hear sounds and voices is lost, even minimally, it is advisable to immediately undergo an audiometric examination, to verify that there are no problems in place.

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