Healthy Italian nutrition according to the guidelines

Healthy Italian nutrition according to the guidelines

Healthy Italian food, and therefore also Mediterranean. What are its principles?
Are you sure you know how to set up a balanced diet?
In this article we will see:
– the guidelines of Crea for a healthy Italian diet
– the daily requirement and macronutrients, fiber and water
– a dietary scheme of healthy eating for a woman, from 1700 calories


  1. Check your weight and stay active at all times
  2. More cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables
  3. Fats: yes to quality, but limit the quantities
  4. Sugars, sweets and sugary drinks can be consumed within the right limits
  5. Drink plenty of water every day
  6. Better a little salt (with the help of spices and fresh or dried aromatic herbs)
  7. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol (one glass of wine for a woman, maximum two for a man)
  8. Vary your choices at the table often
  9. The diet can be customized according to subjective and health needs
  10. Food safety depends on you: hygiene in cleaning and storing food


Men: up to 2600 daily calories for moderately active subjects
Women: up to 2100 daily calories for moderately active subjects
According to age, constitution, sex and activity, needs change

Food distributed in 5 daily meals, of which
breakfast: 20% daily calories
snack: 5% daily calories
lunch: 35% daily calories
snack: 10% daily calories
dinner: 30% daily calories

Macronutrients for a healthy diet: 
carbohydrates: from 45 to 60%
lipids: from 20 to 35%, of which less than 10% saturated
proteins: 0.8 grams per kg of body weight
fiber: 25 grams minimum per day
water: two liters on average

Let’s look at a 1700 calorie diet plan for a woman who wants to keep fit and lose little weight if moderately active or stay her weight if sedentary on page two

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