Head lice, how to recognize and eliminate them

Head lice, how to recognize and eliminate them

Head lice are small parasites that can infest areas of the body with hair and hair. They are recognized by the presence of eggs and strong itching and can also be eliminated with very simple natural remedies.


Head lice: how to recognize them

Head lice  are small parasites that can adhere to hair and hair causing intense itching.

Lice can be hosted in the hair but also in other areas of the body characterized by the presence of hair.

Infestation is common in children and occurs by direct contact, for example following the exchange of brushes, combs or clips.
The lice remain well anchored on the hair, pierce the skin and, during their life cycle, lay numerous very small and white eggs, visible to the naked eye in the hair. 

Lice eggs can be mistaken for dandruff but, unlike dandruff, they stick to the hair and this is one element that can help recognize a lice infestation . 

Generally, more eggs are visible behind the ears, on the nape of the neck and on the temples. If the infestation is recent, the lice eggs or nits will be very close to the hair root , while if the infestation has started a few weeks ago, the eggs will be visible further away from the root. 

In addition to the eggs, adult lice will also be visible and, moreover, the infestation will be recognizable by the presence of itching , the main symptom of pedunculosis.

Head lice: how to get rid of them

Once a lice infestation has been recognized, it will be necessary to eliminate both the parasites and the eggs. First, a very fine-toothed comb will be used to detach the eggs that adhere to the hair and eliminate them. 

The comb should be used every two or three days , bearing in mind that each female louse can produce up to five eggs per day. For greater effectiveness, it is possible to spray a solution of water and vinegar on the hair before proceeding with the elimination of the eggs through the comb, or wet the comb with vinegar before proceeding.

Vinegar has always been the main natural remedy for eliminating lice and can also be used as a compress on the scalp and hair. 

This grandmother’s remedy to get rid of lice involves adding 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a glass of apple cider vinegar : the mixture is then distributed on the hair and left on for a quarter of a day. now before proceeding with rinsing with lukewarm water.

Another natural remedy against lice seems to be the walnut infusion , to be prepared with a glass of boiling water in which to infuse a tablespoon of walnut leaves .

Once warm, the infusion can be filtered and applied to the skin and hair; leave it on for 15 minutes and then proceed with rinsing.

To prevent future infestations , it is advisable to avoid exchanging brushes, combs, clips and other objects that are used in direct contact with the hair.

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