The name of Digital Tales is now well known in our beautiful country: our local software house has in fact now gained some experience in …

The name of Digital Tales is now well known in our beautiful country: the Italian software house has in fact now gained a certain experience in the development of video games, so much so that it takes home 2 Drago D’Oro, the highest recognition in the gaming video field. within the Italian territory. At Romics they were present with their latest effort, or a tech demo of SBK 16 in a mobile version that exploited the potential of the Samsung Gear VR , the virtual reality viewer of the Korean mobile giant.


The racing game genre is now the specialty of the Milanese studio, as in previous years they have tried their hand at the mobile versions of the most popular road bike championship in the United States. At the Roman fair, however, where virtual reality has literally taken over the entire pavilion dedicated to video games, DTales has seen fit to bring its interpretation of VR, applied to the well-established experience with motorcycles. The title uses the Samsung viewer as a camera, and obviously what they advised me from the beginning was to put the subjective view to fully enjoy the so-called “VR effect”. Obviously the controls are entrusted to the pad attached to the viewer, configured with commands now typical of the racing game. It goes without saying that with the viewer on your head, the sensation of speed is undoubtedly more perceptible, thanks also to the depth conferred by the Samsung Gear VR.

The race that was granted to me for the test consisted of two laps on a circuit alongside other drivers. At the beginning I tried to follow the trail of the leading riders, but once they got over them, without too much difficulty, I tried to test the features that the viewer implemented. Basically, at any time it is possible to turn around to move the view to a different point with respect to the reference (i.e. the motorcycle handlebar). If in some cases it might seem a purely aesthetic habit, in reality it is useful when cornering if you want to see the point in which to exit and give the gas accordingly.


My test ended quite quickly, like all current experiences involving VR, but extremely intrigued and interested, if only because there is someone in Italy who is already developing for this technology that we are slowly learning about here too. from us. For more information on virtual reality, we recommend that you often keep an eye on our section in the Hardware category.

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