Halo Infinite has arrived a few days ago, and once we reach the finale there are many questions left, let’s try to answer some of them.

Halo infinite has just arrived on digital stores and physical stores around the world, after many years of waiting and numerous postponements. The work of 343 Industries , however, is only a wonderful premise for what will happen next in the new epic of Master Chief , precisely because there will still be so many things to see. But let’s go deeper into the matter by explaining the ending of Halo Infinite and analyzing some secrets about it.

ATTENTION! It almost seems needless to say, but from here on you will run into heavy SPOILERS on the storyline of Halo Infinite.


A half-way through?

The Halo Infinite ending left us with something of a cliffhanger , nothing in the least comparable to the clean cut of the Halo 2 and Halo 5 endings , but certainly with plenty of things to think about. Esharum has finally been defeated after a very hard battle to the death with the Master Chief , a clash between real warriors and of consistent difficulty. Shortly after, the Messenger of Truth also fell , one of the most cryptic and at the same time less successful villains of the adventure, at least in our opinion.

The Messenger was part of a completely new race unreleased to the saga, namely that of the Eternals , with her being the Harbinger for her kind, charged with awakening them from the slumber to which they had been condemned. Among other things, the next DLC could be dedicated to this new species.

For now, however, we still know very little about these so-called Eternals, and the main information we have is that they were considered a serious and very serious threat by the Forerunners , the race that had fought against the Flood at the dawn of galactic civilizations. For those unfamiliar with the history before Infinite, know that the Forerunners were a very advanced species of the past that found itself embroiled in the fight against a deadly parasite, precisely the Flood, and that forced them to use very powerful weapons, the Halo rings , which have the power to exterminate and obliterateany biomass life form sufficient to be prey to the Flood, obviously sacrificing themselves at the same time.

It is not well known where the Eternals are going to be placed in this context, who were considered, at least according to the words of the Messenger, as proponents of a terrible sin and a condemnation without appeal by the Forerunners who feared them more than the terrible parasite. In this super summary we have deliberately skipped some elements that emerged in the second Halo trilogy such as the presence of a form of primordial humans, the Didact and the Librarian, and much more, because at the moment it is out of context. We therefore hope to find out much more in the future.

Infinite halo

The closure of a story and the beginning of a new one

With Infinite at least closes the story of Cortana’s rebellion and her madness. This factor was much criticized and discussed in the previous two Halo, which had split the community. 343 has therefore shown that it is ready to start from scratch with the ending of Infinite where the AI ​​L’Arma takes the official place of Cortana, also because it is generated by the same neural matrix, namely the mind of Dr. Halsey . Meanwhile, the Chief’s historic companion sacrificed herself in a gesture of partial redemption . Indeed, Cortana became aware of her actions and blasted a piece of the ring with her to prevent the Outcasts from somehow using the super weapon of mass destruction .

Halo Infinite

It seemed that Atriox , the famous and powerful super villain from Halo Wars 2 had perished along with the rebel AI during the explosion of the Zeta Halo section, but to his – and our luck – he miraculously survived. We also specify “our luck” because anyone who has played Halo Wars 2  knows very well the potential and brutality of one of the best-made villains in the entire saga, and it was frankly a shame that he perished almost without reason. Furthermore, the good Chief still has a score to settle with this very powerful Brute. The ending after the credits shows, among other things, an Atriox scarred by the explosion(but still in force) that activates the door for some device, probably the Requisitorium , one of the most important locations in the game. Furthermore, for those who manage to conclude the events of the campaign on Legendary difficulty , it is possible to hear the voice of an entity called the Great Edict , which stands as a new variable in future events, but of which we still know very little about it.

So what do we expect from Halo Infinite in the future?

What we expect from future content for Halo Infinite is the continuation of a new epic for the Master Chief , with the character of Atriox finally brought to the true Villain of the story. We would also like to know what happened to practically half of the rostrer of secondary and primary characters of the old video games . In fact, at present, many well-known faces are missing from the appeal, including the Blue team , friends and almost close family members of the Chief who have been employed in some secret mission that has excluded them from the battle on Zeta Halo .

Then we have no idea what happened to Halo Wars 2 ‘s Spirit of Fire ship , with Captain Cutter his brave crew, and the Red Spartan squad who know all too well the might of the Outcasts and Atriox in particular. We also know that almost certainly the vast majority of Spartan IVs died in the clashes with the Exiles on Zeta Halo, including some well-known faces such as the Spartan Griffith; however we do not know where the Spartan Osiris Team, controversial co-stars of Halo 5 , led by Spartan Jameson Locke, probably employed in some wartime context unknown for now.

Also missing are Commander Lasky and Spartan IV officer Sarah Palmer , as well as of course Doctor Halsey , leader and creator of the original Spartan project, even though we know that they were all saved from the initial assault on Infinity. So there are tons of questions and question marks left that audiologists scattered throughout the levels have helped soothe to a very small extent . We therefore hope that upcoming DLCs will help shed some light on all of these events. Also, although the issue goes against the lore currently present in the game, we would love to see many and different biomes on the ring compared to the usual forest in green. Removed this problem and a few others that we have covered inreview site , the starting point for Halo Infinite is excellent, but we expect to be able to continue the story of Chief by embarking on this new epic that has galvanized us so many at first, perhaps with new content that will progressively answer questions still open. Maybe? Maybe with the rumored expansion of the Eternals ? We’ll see.

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