Guide animals and dreams

Guide animals and dreams

How to understand the meanings that the totem animal carries with it when it appears in our dreams

Guide animals and dreams

Animals do not appear in dreams at random, but are harbingers of precise meanings and create real bridges between the dream world and the reality that we conceive of as unique but it is not unique.

Let’s find out what guide animals represent in dreams .

Guide animals and dreams: the questions to ask 

First of all we must always remember that the moment of awakening is so important. A lot of space should be devoted to this precious period of time following sleep, because in fact, while we sleep and dream, a fundamental internal area is activated and each factor belongs to a real tangible unconscious, with connections with what we believe is the only plan. of reality.

In shamanism when the animal appears in a dream or on a shamanic journey it means the start of a process of transformation and healing .

When a guide animal or totem appears, we must ask ourselves what are its characteristics, its qualities . If it is a migratory or indigenous species , in what climatic conditions it appeared, what is the symbolic nature of the habitat in which it appeared. The animal always has important information about ourselves and our life.

However, it is necessary to study the animal in depth , as it is very easy to read in Nature what you want and not what it really is. In many cases the appearance of the animal also suggests to us in what ways we can behave in a given present or future situation.

A lot of sensitivity towards the animal that appears in the dream dimension is obtained when one is dedicated to walks in nature or to the examination of the wild life of the surrounding environment.

If an animal has appeared to you then don’t jump into the books at any cost , instead start making contact with nature, waiting for its signals. Trees are also harbingers of symbolic qualities and help you initiate a connection between inside and outside.

You could then study the energy of the directions , also to place the apparition of the animal: the East with its charge of healing and creativity, the West as vision and dreams, the South as purification and faith, the North as teaching. and abundance, gratitude, kindness. Meditate in the open air , send prayers to Nature: in this way you will connect with the strength of the animal much more effectively. 

Guide animals in dreams and their meanings

Based on the animal that enters our dream, we can integrate all possible knowledge about it into our personal spiritual practice .

If they appear in the dreams of birds , you must pay attention to the plumage. In the event that a similar feather fetish is encountered in reality, for example while walking in a forest, it is better to collect it and make a feather out of it to clean the aura or use it in a bowl with a twig for prayer. It is not a question of superstitions, but of rituals that enhance the message of the bird that appeared; in many traditions, pens were worn for this purpose.

For example, if a heron appears , the message refers to determination, to self-confidence; different if instead an eagle appears, a real harbinger of enlightenment of the spirit. A crow is the secret magic of creation that calls us, a pheasant stands for fertility and sexuality. Again, hawks, finches and owls have completely different characteristics. Imitating the animal also serves to embody its energy. 

It is necessary to study everything about the animal that appears: what shape it has, what sounds it makes, what kind of lair it builds, when it is seen more often. If a Siberian moose , for example, corresponds to the primitive strength of the feminine, a beaver has to do with the construction of dreams and the horse with power, freedom, travel.

The tiger is passion, power, sensuality and devotion. A world apart is that of insects, which in the real plane arouse the most disparate reactions in human beings. It must be said that the grouping often does not do justice: mites, spiders, centipedes and the like are part of all different categories.

If the butterfly is the transmutation, the dance full of joy, the spider is the weaving of its own destiny.

Reptiles are another category in their own right. Snakes and lizards, crocodiles and alligators, turtles and tortoises, tuatara or New Zealand sphenodons. Many of them have to do with instinctive and primal forces, but they must be seen case by case. 

Getting in tune with the animal that appears in dreams is very important and an animal manifestation in the dream world is never accidental . 

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