Good and healthy yogurt muffins

Good and healthy yogurt muffins

An alternative yogurt muffin recipe with a secret ingredient that will color them a deep pink : ideal for a children’s snack or a tasty snack, these pink yogurt muffins are an almost sinless dessert, with natural and vegetable ingredients. Here is the recipe.

For this delicious yogurt muffin recipe you will need:
– 100 grams of melted butter or for the light version: 50 grams of butter + 50 grams of apple puree (brand Melinda or similar)
– 275 gr of natural low-fat yogurt
– 200 gr of sugar or 100 gr of sugar + 100 gr of honey or, for the light version: 100 gr of erythritol / xylitol plus 100 gr of honey or coconut sugar
– 2 beaten organic eggs
– five spoons of beetroot puree (obtained by boiling and then blending half the beetroot)
– vanilla flavor
– 300 gr of flour added to half a sachet of baking powder (I used white Spelled flour, that is an einkorn flour with reduced gluten content)
– 100 gr of blueberries, raspberries, cherries or strawberries in pieces

Procedure: preheat the oven to 180 °. In a bowl mix the liquid ingredients apart from the fruit (eggs, apple puree and butter or just butter, beetroot puree and yogurt, possibly honey) and in another bowl the flour with the sugar or the erythritol, the yeast, vanilla flavor if powdered and a pinch of salt (optional). Combine the dry ingredients with the liquid ones and pour the contents into 16 muffin molds for 2/3 of the molds after first buttering them and placing a teaspoon of chopped fruit on the bottom. Cook them at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
Calories: 168 per muffin in the version with butter and sugar.In the version with butter + puree 40 calories are saved per muffin. In the version with butter + puree and half erythritol, an additional 25 calories are saved, so if you use half butter and half puree plus half erythrol and honey, the calories are reduced to about 100 per muffin!

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