Gigi Hadid diet and exercises of the famous model

Gigi Hadid diet and exercises of the famous model

Gigi Hadid is one of the most famous and sought after models of recent years: young, blonde, thin and very beautiful, Gigi Hadid also has a rather curious instagram profile in which, looking good, she seems to eat fast food from morning to night. In reality, looking at her daily diet, things are not quite like that. Be wary of models who say they love burgers, ice cream, cookies and pizza : Gigi Hadid’s diet seems to teach us this lesson.

Gigi Hadid diet: what the model eats every day.
Every day the model eats this way, apart from one burger a week and one ice cream every now and then (spoiler: every now and then really means once in a while). In an interview the model said: I eat a lot of carbohydrates. Let’s see if that’s true.
Breakfast: an orange juice, a slice of toast, a coffee and two eggs (scrambled or boiled). She sometimes she adds two slices of bacon and a little salad to everything and takes a selfie. 
 strawberries or red fruits or a green smoothie (i.e. a smoothie made with vegetables, vegetable milk or water and a little avocado) or coconut water. Lunch:

rocket salad with a little olive oil. Her favorite rocket salad is made of rocket, parmesan flakes, bits of browned meat and pomegranate grains. Eat rocket salad most days.
Snack: carrots and hummus
Dinner: sashimi, a little sushi, or a steak with salad.
And then: coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.
Eat a hamburger one day a week. Sometimes some pizza. Sometimes an ice cream or bread and nutella. Rarely a hot dog.
And it always happens before training. And yes, because Hadid trains like a beast.

Gigi Hadid fitness:
So we have seen that apart from a slice of toast, it’s not like you have all these carbohydrates in your everyday diet. Also taking into account that Hadid trains practically every day. Her routine is weights, bodyweight training, light boxing. She has her own personal trainer, so she spends a lot of time in the gym. Considering that her free meals are few, considering how much she trains and what foods she eats most of the time, Gigi Hadid’s diet is nothing more than the classic model diet. 

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