Genetics and obesity, a study reveals the link

Genetics and obesity, a study reveals the link

A very interesting and important study on the link between genetics and obesity has been published in Cell Metabolism .

Until now, it has always been thought that genetics mattered little or marginally in overweight.
The study doesn’t deny the importance of a healthy diet or say that eating a lot doesn’t make you fat.

However, it explains why some people gain little or no weight even when on a calorie-rich diet, while other people tend to gain weight while eating normally or gain much more weight than others on a high-calorie diet.

The results I am talking about today are obviously not an excuse not to go on a diet if we have to. Simply, those with those genetic characteristics that favor overweight will lose weight more slowly and will need to eat less than those who do not have these characteristics.
Let’s see what the study says.

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