Fat in the diet: increased risk of colon cancer

Fat in the diet: increased risk of colon cancer

An increase in colon cancer cases in recent years is alarming the scientific community. Especially since, in parallel with the increase in these cases, the reference sample has changed. In fact, adults under the age of 50 are the new victims. How is it possible?

Today, a new study links an increase in dietary fat to a greater risk of colon cancer, with an increase in cases in younger ones by one percent according to the American Cancer Society, from 2007 to 2016.


But what links an increase in dietary fat to the risk of colon cancer?
This is explained by researchers from the Salk Institute ( source ).
Scientists have in fact noted that an increase in fatty foods in the diet corresponds to a change in bile acids in the intestine. In fact, bile acids are used for the digestion of fats.
But too many bile acids give a hormone signal to the body known as FXR , which increases the risk of colorectal cancer in people with the APC mutation.

Not only is colon cancer more likely if you have this non-rare mutation, cancer is also more aggressive if you eat a high-fat diet.
Bile salts increase the FXR signal and at the same time contribute to damage to the intestinal epithelium.

The reason why there are therefore more cases is that diets with a higher fat content, such as ketogenic, are in fashion. This is where diet and genetic predisposition create a deadly mix.

In fact, people with an APC mutation develop adenomas more easily in the intestine. Generally these are benign tumors, which however evolve into adenocarcinoma in the presence of too many bile acids in the intestine.

Those familiar with this type of cancer, because they have had cases in their family, must reduce the amount of fat in their diet, limiting the consumption of fatty condiments, red meats with visible fat, cold cuts, very fatty cheeses such as mascarpone. , sauces like mayonnaise, nuts and oil seeds. It is very likely that you have the same genetic mutation, and in this case a high-fat diet is highly discouraged

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