During the F8 Conference in San Josè held today, Facebook announced some new features that will come …

During the F8 Conference in San Josè held today, Facebook announced some new functions that will be implemented over the next few months, all in order to make the social network lighter and more functional to the needs of users. First of all, there was talk of an important aesthetic change with the disappearance of the canonical blue color that has accompanied the app for years and years.

The update is known by the codename FB5 and has been described by Mark Zuckerberg as the most important cosmetic update the platform has ever seen over the past five years . As for the browser version of the social network, the changes will only be applied in the near future. The new version of the application will feature cleaner graphics, with minimal white and gray frames.

In addition, the official icon has also been updated, which will be replaced by a circle with the iconic “f” in the center.
Of fundamental importance will become the groups, which will be easier to find and create . Zuckerberg also said that his company will provide users with a wide range of useful tools to easily manage groups, which will also be reported with greater immediacy in cases such as hate speech, harassment, bullying, spam and sales. unauthorized.

Even the desktop version will see the total removal of the blue color , all in favor of a much cleaner white interface. In addition, interesting changes have also been announced for the profile page, with the photo and name being placed in the center of the cover.

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