F * ck it Diet, Caroline Dooner’s revolutionary anti-diet

F * ck it Diet, Caroline Dooner’s revolutionary anti-diet

I’ve known Caroline Dooner, the author of The F * ck it Diet book since her book didn’t exist.
The site existed, and of course there was her, which in a few years has become a reference point for all people tired of dieting, and decided to improve their relationship with food, with the body, with weight. I have already talked about Dooner in this article on intuitive eating , and I cited her among the major influencers of “health at every size” to follow also on instagram.

The book The F * ck it Diet came later, after years of coaching in which this young woman, who survived thousands of diets, with the myth of thinness and a polycystic ovary syndrome that even the doctor recommended her to lose. weight, he decided to say enough to diet forever. How?
Not caring. Eating as she wanted. Resting.

And today he teaches many other people his method: how to say enough to diets and live happily ever after.
Now that the method has become a book, we owe the Sonzogno publishing house the credit for having published it in Italian, complete with a subtitle that reads: Enough with diets. Eating is simple. I tell you how and why.

I wanted to talk extensively about the book, and the method, since I have known it for a long time. Instead I decided to give you 5 good reasons why you should immediately buy the book The F * ck it Diet , read it and reread it and put into practice what Dooner explains. Seriously: this book could change your relationship with food forever.


  1. Because diets don’t work (and make us fatter, sicker, and unhappy).
    Dooner argues that dieting will not only not solve your weight problems, but that obesity has been on the rise since diets became a business. There are many reasons in support of this thesis. From Ancel Keys’ volunteer experiments in the 1940s (the Minnesota Starvation Experiment I’ve told you about many times); how diet foods came about, including fiber-rich crackers and breakfast cereals; up to the reason why we confuse thinness (and purity) with happiness, entrusting our body and our health to this or that method, and ending up ruining our lives in search of the perfect weight and nutrition.
    But above all: have you noticed how many diets exist and the fact that they promote everything and the opposite of everything? If we listened to all diets, we would end up eating nothing. The diet business takes constant customers. Diet does not solve our weight problems, but it makes them worse.
  2. Because sugar isn’t bad, fat isn’t bad, and everything you believe about food is false.
    Here too, the author explains point by point why she makes absolutely no sense to blame sugar, milk, meat, fats. The attempt to find the perfect nutrition leaves us full of cravings and dissatisfactions, when instead it is possible to stay healthy forever by listening to one’s hunger, or, in this case, eating whenever we are hungry. This will lead us to consider food only as such, food, and to neutralize the power it has over us. We will stop suffering from compulsive hunger, having ice cream at home or a cake in the office will not be the triggers that trigger our uncontrollable cravings.
    Everyone believes they have a monstrous hunger, different from that of others, writes Dooner, in reality our body just wants us fed, rested, healthy.
    Once we give them nutrition and rest, hunger stops being a problem. But to achieve this, it is necessary to stop demonizing food and eating what we feel like it. Without thinking.
  3. Because once equilibrium is reached, even internal, weight will no longer be a problem.
    By following the Dooner method and managing to make peace with food, but above all by stopping to seek perfection, hunger will stabilize and so will the weight. Dooner does not promise weight loss or give a time for this to happen. But she has worked and works with hundreds of people who thanks to her have achieved a stable weight and no worries about food.

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