Exercises for good and healthy habits

Exercises for good and healthy habits

We don’t need to think big to start moving a bit, we don’t have to imagine having to prepare for the Olympics and then get stuck in lactic acid for the next few weeks.

There is no need and it is not good for you. But if you want to find  exercises to lose weight at home  or not, this article can help you.

Your habits must be good and intelligent and you must be able to improve yourself little by little, day by day, step by step.

And this is what I want to teach you.

Let’s see specifically how you can improve your habits with some easy exercises like walking for half an hour a day.

Doable, right?

Go for a walk

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Walking is a low muscle impact exercise, so it does not create trauma, but it is also an effective method of cardiovascular exercise.

It is very important to start by step and choose the best factor for both intensity and inclination.

The better the intensity, the better the incline and the more work the metabolic system gets to do.

An 85-pound person walking at 3 kilometers per hour can lose 190 calories.

So always think about what your personal need is, not the statistics.

Make an effort

When walking, your metabolism increases with a greater degree of speed, endurance and incline.

Your metabolism burns calories just to support the energy levels consumed in the walk.

By increasing your personal effort when walking, the body increases its demand for energy which, in doing so, increases the metabolism.

Try to do a few more climbs every now and then so that you can make some effort.

Try trekking

Trekking increases your metabolism to keep blood glucose levels low and burns fat much better.

Doing a hilly stretch on foot is also effective in increasing the metabolism for a long time even if you do not have a fast but regular pace.

Trekking is not recommended for seniors who can also suffer from adverse weather conditions, at which point it is also okay to do a treadmill in the gym with a little incline for about forty minutes.

Walk regularly

Walking several times a week can actually increase your basal metabolic rate which is what works even when the body is at rest.

One study found that women who walked more hours per week have a faster basal metabolic rate than sedentary women.

To make a little more effort you can also try walking with a few weights on your wrists and ankles, to increase the pushing effort, especially uphill.


This whole process starts from the assumption that we must learn to feel good and that to feel good we must change our habits for the better.

We talk about walking, about something natural and that we can do every day.

It is useless to start with the training of alpine climbers, just walk at a regular pace every day or at least 3 times a week to get long-term results.

Then, after a few days you can think of adding some climbs to put in a little effort, so that the metabolism cannot settle down but can have shocks that serve to accelerate it.

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