Excess sugar, seven ways to avoid it

Excess sugar, seven ways to avoid it

In this article, we will look at 7 ways you can save yourself from excess sugar without gaining weight.
Because now, even though we are in Italy, the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, between Halloween, Epiphanies and Carnival we stuff ourselves with sweets.

excess of biscuits

Often our pantry in autumn and winter abounds with chocolates, biscuits and snacks which, in addition to sugar, have a good dose of fat. In fact, it is the combination of excess sugar and fat that is particularly damaging to our health and is fattening, not just for calories.
And so certain good occasions become a trap.
Here are seven ways to get out of an excess of sugars and sweets in general.

Excess sugar, seven ways to avoid it

  • If you ate too many sweets at dinner, fix it this way.

    For breakfast the next day, limit yourself to a low-fat white yogurt with the addition of healthy fiber, such as a teaspoon of oat germ, followed by a light coffee with a single teaspoon of brown sugar. Before breakfast, drink a glass of water with lemon juice to help the purification process.
    At lunch the next day, have a more protein meal, limiting carbohydrates to a sour fruit at the end of the meal. A slice of salmon with a side of vegetables and a kiwi, grilled chicken with salad and a small orange or scrambled eggs / natural tofu with grilled vegetables, a drizzle of oil and a small portion of blueberries.
    Do not eat carbohydrate-based snacks and sugary fruits throughout the day. Dinnerwith a plate of chard, chicory or other bitter vegetables stewed with a little oil.

  • Instead, if the occasion was a party or a dinner at home, the next day you have to get rid of the leftover sweets. Give them as a gift or freeze them.

    In fact, leftovers are often the ideal excuse to continue eating too many sweets.

  • Remember that it is normal, with an excess of carbohydrates, to have greater water retention.

    For this reason it is always better to reduce the salt in the following days and take herbal teas that purify the liver and have a diuretic effect by also acting on the kidneys. Moringa tea is the one for you. In the cold months I recommend that you always have it at home for purification purposes. This is the one I buy, it will last you months.

ORIGEENS MORINGA ORGANIC HERBAL TEA 100g | BIO MORINGA DRIED LEAVES | Moringa Organic loose tea without theine, revitalizing herbal tea

  • Prefer homemade sweets , with which to involve children on Halloween, Christmas, Epiphany and Carnival, but with reduced fat and sugar content.

    sweet children

    Less sweet muffins and cupcakes, pieces of unsweetened nuts covered in dark chocolate, etc. Find the recipes here , here  and here.

  • Keep sweets out of the reach of children, but also out of yours.

    In your normal daily life, do not fill your pantry with things that you then know you will eat too.

  • Brush your teeth very well and brush your tongue after eating sweets .

    This is not just for your teeth, but to get rid of the sweet taste from your mouth.

  • Do aerobic exercise before and after the day you anticipate the sweet cheat.

    This way you will make sure that you have lost enough glycogen to avoid liver problems and additional weight. Brisk walking, running, treadmill or stationary bike.

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